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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Country Pages

International Issues, by Vexen Crabtree

Just a portal page, not much there apart from new Examples page.

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Realistic tactic for finding out which countries are the best.

1) Make a list of countries that are at least half decent.
2) Live there for a year
3) cross off list
4) Repeat 2 and 3 until you have crossed off all the countries from your list.
5) Realise that by and large the world is so full of stupid people even being best isn't really saying much.
6) Stay in and read a good book instead.

Vexen Crabtree

Being well educated is often confused with being intelligent, as is the case with this person.

Well educated is up for debate

countries that set the best example

There was no mention of racism and racial harmony as an important factor.

Re: countries that set the best example

That's a good point - care to seek out some country-by-country statistics? Best if it covers at least 50 countries, and from a reputable body i.e., UN.

Multi National Governments and world government policy

I took the time (not enough) to take an overivew of your site and found the complex subject matter concerning the growth of corporations and the development of the E.U. and your perspective of allowing international governance to supecede corporate money overpowering governmental bodies such as the U.S. government for a small example. My perspective is home grown as a black american male who studied the science of the moors, and claims his national identity as a means to rationally state that Christianity is an impossibility because I would have to deny my familie's slave hertiage. (meaning I cannot be black and accept the ressurection of christ as fact, or I would be denying my historical identity.)

Further research would lead me to believe the human species is typicslly amoral, and these type of decisions are made at present, minus the things we don't understand, which would be fucked up anyway cause I generally am uncomftortble with my own existence and my surroundings most of the time, and it makes it tough to value life. Then the EU and the problems with humanity are a step above my survival, and rationalizing a solution to
politcs for me as captian nobody are a waste because I can barely function.

World government is a serious topic as is Freemasonry and the the New world Order. The annihilation of religion aside from the annihilation of evil are dual aspects of an individual desire of mine to give the human race a better chance to live without victimizing itself with lies. General consensus would assume that the satanic religion is a part of the masonic (coined old term for internationalism) "new age" movement to create the new world order. Some black people would consider it blasphemy. Others are gay, some are killers, some are dead.

In any case, when I talk to you, I feel as if I am talking to the son of Alister Crowley ( not in a disrespectful manner, i'm just giving you my limited perspective to bridge a gap of cultures.)

I think if you want to oppose corporation's control of governmnent through capital and influence then consider the direct correlation of these groups and the U.N.and the world bank, along with the stranglehold the Rothschild Dynasty has on the Federal reserve bank and the common stock of u.s. citizens to replace the gold which is used to cover U.S. national debt.

regular people are common stock, and rich people are preferred stock. It's a sick game of Psychological warfare and if you don't take me seriously, you are an agent for world government, you may not take it seriously, you have access to a body of information that I dont understand, which may or may not make my perspective valid.

I have alot of respect for your views, and I share many of them. I don't take too many people's world views seriously besides that of a vast majority of the satanic religion. I am a depressed alch, but I try my best ti tell the truth, even if it means revoking my self respect. If there was a God it would want me to be this rational.

I'm a nobody from nowhere trying to find the truthm and if God has to be the enemy than so be it. I just want to see the genuine truth emerge so the stupidity will come to an end, and we (I) don't have to hide behind the lies of the ancestors.

I mean I would hate to even have you care about this conversation i'm having with myself and you simultaneously, because to some, white people aren't supposed to be trusted, but the condition of reality leads me bacj to atheistic existentialism, and the philisophical and historical data contained within the satanic religion, but not the religion itself.

The sad thing about this to me is, this dialogue I am having with you, with myself is void of a god. I am programmed to belive in god, but I am contradicting my own actions by saying that God does not exist. It's like i'm trying to invoke the most profound honesty I am capable of, and it iks leading me to atheism, existentialism and the satanic religion.

All the best minus my limited perspective,

Mackenzie Jefferson

Re: Multi National Governments and world government policy

I can see you are a thinking person: always try to temper instinctive judgements on society by concentrating on the provable facts. Aside from that, keep up the brainwork!

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