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"Matter + Form" by VNV Nation

VNV Nation's new album, Matter + Form, has really grown on me... at first I didn't like the idea that it would!

It's a comprehensively mature, well-rounded album. It's hardly EBM though, it's mature electric dance, IDM, not EBM! It feels as if, however, some of the dancey bits only fit in unnaturally. Anyway, VNV Nation have always had inspiring lyrics, depth through a mixture of obscurity and concept-dropping, combined with a worldly emotional commentary... but this album is less pretentious, more down to Earth yet than Airships and Carbon from their last album, but musically not so high or melodramatic as those eipc dramas. It's a little chilled out, beside angst, not above it and certainly not revelling in it, goth style.

It's music for goth parents, not for neophytes. I couldn't for the life of me identify what demographics albums like this attract... it's like the 80s would have been if things were happy and deep more than shallow, hopefull and desperate.
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