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Large bowl of Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes, whole fat milk.

4 Nutrigrains (=like granola bars) during the morning. I eat 4 a day... what I do is buy 4 packets (of 8) when I go to shop, 2 chocolate, and 2 other flavors (strawberry, apple, rasberry, etc), and open all 4. Then each morning I just get one bar from each box and take them to work. I've been keeping this insanity up since Christmas.

Lunch: 2 tuna/cucumber sandwiches b/b. Also (for later): "Breakfast Triple", including sausage sandwiche, bacon sw, egg, etc. And 2 Cadburies Cream Eggs.

Tonite will have:
250ml mixed fruit juice, sausage/beans/bread for dinner, umm... and probably another bowl of cereal later on.

Normally at work I buy 200g of dairy chocolate, but today I opted for 2 cream eggs instead. I'm not planning on giving up chocolate, at all!

I still cycle to work, 3 miles, and back daily, have done since early December when I got my jet black bicycle.

OK, "day" update is done!
Tags: breakfast, cereals, chocolate, food
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