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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Nature of Alien Life on Other Planets

"The Nature of Alien Life on Other Planets" by Vexen Crabtree
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you'se need to show me more infomation about is their life out their

Re: planets

learn english!

Why didn't you capitalize the first letter of the sentance?

If you want to be a critic, you should probably try not to be a hypocrite in the very same area in which you are judging someone else!



I Should really call him a mini astro physicist in the budding.

I agree to most of his views & wish to add some of my views on the subject.
I do not think that oxygen/hydrogen/carbon are essential for life formation
elsewhere in the universe. As per the conditions prevailing on earth planet
coupled with our sun energy/sattelite - these factors have been responsible.
Elsewhere -there could be other gases/layers(like ozone out here)& other life giving properties which may have combined to produce life.

The life forms will be completely different from ours & the basic structure of the human system may be totally different & advanced even.

In some planets -they may be supported by 2 suns & there could be no darkness.

However-even if most complicated & intelligent life does exist,they too will not be able to establish a contact medium with other existing planets due to the position of their planet in the map of universe.
However there may be mini planets with life medium around some other planets & they may have established contacts with them,if distance is admissible.(like from earth to moon etc etc)

Similarly the equipments used on earth for capturing radio frequencies may
not necessarily catch the signals beamed by extra terrestials. we have to review other options & create new technologies.

Flying saucers are a hoax according to me. Next time if a flying saucer is seen -better to bring it down so that all mysteries will be solved.
The earth is a speck of sand in the universe & blessed with a few life giving properties like favourable climate,air,water etc.its not necessary to make these as universal parameters-there could exist millions of other life giving properties on whom we have no knowledge whatsoever.
best regards
prasad lbv


I would tend to agree with the latter statement. Life as we know it on this planet is based solely on this planet and the elements that it takes to produce life. You cannot base the possibilities of life on other planets on the parameters of the evolution of life on this planet. To do so would be a large mistake. It is understandable that we look at all things based on what we see on this world and take that to the level of what life would be on another world. We are so narrow minded and not able to think of the possibilities that life could and most probably on other worlds is based on something totally different than what we know. Who is to say that life does not exist on Saturn, Jupiter or other planets? These possible life forms could thrive on the gasses that surround these planets. Who is to say that life needs water and carbon hydrogen. Why not silicon based life, or for that matter sulfurs the possibilities are endless and mind-boggling.



I believe life does exist on other planets. I witnessed a UFO down in texas couple of years ago, and the person that I was with both of us could not believe what we were seeing. It was just flying about did not make any stops or come down and then after about 5 minutes, the space ship or container just dissappered in a second.

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