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Spelling mistakes... can I import MSWord's spellchecker into my own app?

In 1992, my English teacher, Mrs. Gilliam Tomlinson, said on my report:

"[Vexen] is quiet in class, but is an industrious worker. His imagination is easily fired and he writes with real flair, using good vocabulary to express himself. He writes at length and presents his work well. Obviously he thinks about things and has an individual mind. His weakness is spelling. I want [Vexen] to use the dictionary, to check spellings and to check his final draft after completion"

This weekend I've been editting and reformatting some old pages written in 1998 and 1999 that I haven't looked at for many years... and keep finding spelling mistakes. These have been on my website for a good six or seven years.

Why do I do it to myself? And more importantly, does anyone (any programmer...) know if I can use Microsoft Word's spellchecker in my own applications? Basically, call a MSWord_Spellcheck.dll and pass it the reference for a textbox, and have it do all the business?

Failing that, anyone know a dictionary library I can download and #include to add a spellcheck to (my version of) notepad?
Tags: geeky, ms word, spellcheck
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