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EU Constitution

I am strongly and definately for a European Constitution.

It is a major document, comprehensively standing for Human Rights, the best constitution ever written. Commerically and politically it is merely a bringing-together of hundreds of treaties into a single document: Economically, nothing is new. In terms of power, nothing changes. All the same laws are there as already exist: They are brought together in one powerful, efficient and accessible document instead of a hundred different treaties with a hundred different names. In short, it allows humble citizens to know their rights within Europe in a way not possible now without much research.

It upholds equality of gender, sexuality and religion in a way no other constitution does. It upholds individual rights clearly and comprehensively; it is accurate and specific.

I do not know what the intelligent arguments against the constitution are. I am going to research them this month (it's on my list...), was wondering where all you stand... importantly, if against it; why? If for it, why?
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