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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Lots of extreme cycling in the gym... was absolutely dripping with sweat, my (tight: bad choice) tshirt and nifty little shorts were plastered to me, and my forearms and hands were so covered in sweat that I abandoned reading my book on the handlebars. Done a few sets of pure uphill, increasing-incline routes.

Leg work is my strength... running, long-distance, cycling... etc.

Upper body is weak... but I went to the downstairs machines and found that my favorite upper body machine was out of order! I was well disappointed! I haven't been downstairs in this particular work gym for half a year on account of not living on this particular work premises.

Anyway the shower afterwards was brilliant... if lonely. Very much wanted my S.O. to give me a good scrub :-)

Oh yeah... that much work = aphrodisiac. Anyone else?

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Come to the Horse Hospital tomorrow at 7pm+ and say hello!!

www.thehorsehospital.com for the address.

(It's just behind Russell Square tube - left out of the exit, 1st left down Herbrand street then left again after the Friend At Hand pub. Just come on up.)

Wouldn't have been possible... Sam's parents picked me up from Blandford in the late afternoon & my parents arrived around 8pm...

Weekend went really well :-)

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Well it is my weakspot! When it comes to my works most formal twice-yearly physical tests, my presupts & situps are always low compared to everyone elses.

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No dumbells... I should get some!

Pressup does = pushup

I'm a well nifty, tricky, quick little wrestler (Judo, etc), but make up for lack of brute force with calmness & control.

That photo is odd, I'm *sure* I'm not that big! When i first published the shaved-head photos, some of my friends said I was that big, some said no way! I say no way!

In my free time I tend to stick to pressups because they do some lateral muscles & stomach, etc, but I bet you that I'd use dumbells more! All I need is a holder to hold books so I can read at the same time.

Come be my trainer :-)

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Do you use Yahoo messenger?

Yeah got all kinds of kit like that at my work gym.

I do wrestling when I can. I done kickboxing too... the combination of the two is perfect! If only I was really any good!...

Have I seen a photo of you with some working-out equipment? Maybe just my imagination. You said you're photos were getting lots of comments... I remember comprehensively looking over all of them a year or so ago! Might revisit in a month, once I'm back at my PC.

One reason I do lots of cycling in the gym is *because* I can read at the same time!

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Big girly seat :-)

I haven't seen the new ones, then... if you send the link, I'll leave it in my inbox until I've seen it! I sometimes post myself links in that manner, using emails as Notes to myself to collect later when I'm back with my own connection!

I had a dream last night that I was painting your kitchen...

Well, that's genuinely odd :-)

(*finds underused Machievelli hat*)

Are you volunteering? Well keep a week free in November and you can come over :-)

Unless you were painting it pink, that is...

No...I was painting it purple!

Wow, a deep, heavy, emotional colour!

I wish I could just say "lighten up"... and have it so! Come on holiday to Germany when you have a week! (With your SO obviously). Me and S will be tourists with you! But not before next year 'cos we're moving!


Possibly it was a psychological thingumy because I was painting it a lighter shade of purple to the one ot already was...

My depression is getting so much better and I'm much happier at the moment, but still very deep and emotional...

I'd love to go on holiday! I went to Germany once on a school exchange and it was hell...I'm sure it'd be much better with good company...we could stay up all night and discuss deep philosophical and theological things, or just sample the local beverages and giggle a lot ;p

You know as well as I do that all the best philosophizing was done whilst drunk! Where's that poem?...

Anyway yeah, would be nice sometmie. I intend on importing friends into Germany whenever I can!

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