Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree


Lots of extreme cycling in the gym... was absolutely dripping with sweat, my (tight: bad choice) tshirt and nifty little shorts were plastered to me, and my forearms and hands were so covered in sweat that I abandoned reading my book on the handlebars. Done a few sets of pure uphill, increasing-incline routes.

Leg work is my strength... running, long-distance, cycling... etc.

Upper body is weak... but I went to the downstairs machines and found that my favorite upper body machine was out of order! I was well disappointed! I haven't been downstairs in this particular work gym for half a year on account of not living on this particular work premises.

Anyway the shower afterwards was brilliant... if lonely. Very much wanted my S.O. to give me a good scrub :-)

Oh yeah... that much work = aphrodisiac. Anyone else?
Tags: aphrodisiac, cycling, fitness, gym, shower, sweat, work
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