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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Salisbury and Gym

Finished today at 9:30am. Yeah, so we only worked for one hour and fifteen minutes. Sue us :-)

All the guys on my course here went to Bournemouth beach to letch at the girls. Whilst not adverse to that, the most unanimous of male behaviours, I felt it too much to specifically go somewhere for ten hours letching on accuont of actually having a wonderfully insane girlfriend to whom I'm committed. Incidental letching is fine and normal (and next to unstoppable), but doing it intentionally would make me feel guilty.


Went shopping in Salisbury which was nicer and more useful than I thought it would be. Found some black jeans, you see. Last time I found black jeans they were only available in girly cut, so I got my gf a pair. This time they were only in medium/big sizes, so I got myself some :-) Also bought a medium-tight (black) tshirt to use when I don't fancy gay-tight or groggy-loose.

And bought all five Hellraiser movies. Hellraisers One and Two feel like a spiritual home for me; like a big black duvet of comfort and familiarity. Panning up to see the glory of Leviathan is my unholy equivalent of religious ecstasy.

Then went to the gym, where I done 30 minutes hard cycling and some work with weights. I'm pleased I wrote a few days ago about gym stuff and was talking to tangy_apple (thanx babe, you inspired me!) 'cos I was then motivated to do the most simple upper-body exercises... weights! No fancy machine or anything. Just lifting heavy things up and down :-) Keep It Simple, Stupid!

2005 August Edit: Have now created a website about hellraiser: http://www.vexen.co.uk/hellraiser/index.html

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You know there's 8 Hellraiser movies right, though 7 & 8 arent out yet?

Er.... can you name them? I haven't been following Hellraiser news or fandom so I don't actually know that... 7 and 8 are planned? I'm pleased! But what is Hellraiser 6?

1 - Hellraiser
2 - Hellbound
3 - name? (the statue, nighclub massacre, outdoors, poor quality showdown at the end)
4 - Bloodline (the building, the space scenes, the Cenobite dog)
5 - Inferno

6 - Hellseeker
7 - Deader
8 - Hellworld
9 - Is planned, Clive Barker apparently is pretty annoyed at the quality of many of the films so in this script he intends to kill of Pinhead for good.

6 is quite good, I got it as a Dutch import via eBay. Its in English, just the packaging is in Dutch. 7 & 8 have been in the can for a year or more but due to the breakup situation at Miramax films they haven't been released, though I believe they're due out, at least in America, this September. Check out Doug Bradley's site www.dougbradley.co.uk or ww.imdb.com for info :)

Oh and Hellraiser 3 is 'Hell on Earth'. I have the Lament Configuration DVD set they released recently. I _adore_ the scene in the church in 3. I just hope for Bradley's sake there isn't a God :|

(Deleted comment)
Oh it must be something to do with styles, I don't know if I'm using S1 or S2 and don't know what they are! I'll have to look into it, maybe today, or when I've got time!

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