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Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser: Inferno

An awe-inspiring, beautiful, horrific, wonderful and engrossing hellraiser movie... a real, dark look at the soul of a materialistic, corrupt cop who has given his life over to delights and pleasure... and who then thinks he is pitting himself against pinhead... when all he is really doing is living in hell!

It is brillant, it's like the first two hellraiser films all over again: Exciting, inspiring, a puzzle... the refreshing and most powerful part of this film is that the detective who opened the box never learns how to close it and has no idea that he could have escaped pinhead's grasp. As the film ends, you truly feel that he is in hell for eternity, with endless horrors and psychedelic teasing that will never grow old, become predictable or lessen in it's mighty pain.

This film would be a good one to watch if you have not seen any other of the hellraiser films.

I would like to find someone who hasn't seen any of them, and show them this one... and then show them the first two films, so that they see it is possible to escape; it should make the horror of the story of a detective who couldn't escape more severe, to learn afterwards that he could have! And it's so simple!
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