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Hard day at work... I started off in uniform but was quickly tasked to fatigues.

I spent all day, in the sweltering heat, setting up large 12x12 and 12x24 heavy thick-skinned tents. Over a dozen of them. This included loading them onto DAF trucks, complete with multiple hardwood tables, benches and chairs, and unloading them... was a satisfying day of simple hard work! Got friction burns from thick rope, string and mooring cables. Was doing other tasks too.

This type of very simple, productive and healthy manual work is one the main things that attracts me to my current job. (The other things being the geeky electronics and techie stuff I get to do too).

Off to shower now... 7am-7pm, a 12-hour workday, and tomorrow will be even longer as we're starting early, and then tearing the entire field back down from 7pm or something.

Otherwise this week I would have been on "duty keys", being responsible for unlocking the work building that my particular work subunit use, guarding it over lunch break, and locking up at nighttime. Duty Keys, misnomer-ically (sp???!!!), also entails keeping the work kitchen stocked up on coffee, milk, sugar and tea, and collecting mail from the central post office, and for that reason the duty keys bod is normally just called "the duty bitch".

Building tents was more fun!
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