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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Human Life, Consciousness, Alien Life...

Pages on the Evolution and State of Life on Earth, by Vexen Crabtree

Alien Life

Pages on Souls and Spirits by Vexen Crabtree

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their ani't no aliens

How do you "know" this?

Spiritual origin of life

Following link give some information on good spirit and bad spirit;


The Alien Dream

I've always had an interest in the very real possibilty of extra-terrestrial life, particularly intelligent alien life.
But when one looks at the actual figures and odds of ever communicating with non-human intelligences, the chances are a little grim. Not only, as you say, are the distances between planets astronomical (no pun intended) but the odds that an inhabited planet's denizens are at the level of intelligence and technology that humans may actually make a worthwhile connection with them is such a stretch as to be unthinkable! And what if the alien isn't as curious as us, or is in fact malevolent!
Pehaps it's not in our best interests to seek anyone out. Think about what the Spanish did to the peoples of the Americas after they made contact!
But then again one can dream - it's what we humans are good at!
Good article Vexen.


Really interesting and good collection you have here of scientific works on Atheism and Materialism. I was a little surprised to find out that you are a Satanist (as most people who do so are even more childlike and immature than most theists and religeous people). I understand that there are Satanist who actually believe in a Satanic deity or demons and then there are Atheistic Satanists like you, for whom its more a philosphy. I can relate to that, though, alas i think i am totally lacking this self-enabling nature , alas. I think i am more of a Nihilist, in a passive sense, knwoing the ultimate futility of everything including the universe / or even possibly the Metaverse itself. Anyway, thanks for this collection of knowledge in times where religion and superstition seem to make a comeback and lead us all to a new dark age , or , hopefully end this failed experiment called 'humanity'.

Well, thank you in return for reading, and appreciating.

I would just like to say you presume that the only means of travel are faster tahn light, when it has been proven that expanding space behind a ship while contracting it ahead would use much less power.
Then of course you are also under the impression that radiowaves are the only means of communication when subspace bandwiths using quantum computers has become more of a sciencefact than fiction and is being studied for development.
It is completely possible that we simply don't have the technology to communicate with alien life and that ours being so primitive can either not be seen by these lifeforms or are simply ignored as say smoke signals would be today.

Re: A bit presumtious

(1) While I have no idea how you think it would be possible to fly by "expanding space behind a ship" and "contracting it ahead", I am *sure* that it would not use less power than normal flight.

(2) There is no such thing as "subspace bandwidths" and, quantum computing (reality) is completely unrelated to "subspace" (fantasy).

nly-son-of-god saviour.

// “As punishment for the original sin, Adam and Eve were sent a punishment; this punishment would be passed on from parent to child, and included not only suffering in general and death, but also many specifics, such as having a painful childbirth. Romans 5:12: "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned". Humankind was also expelled from the Garden of Eden at that point. Clearly, aliens on another planet are not subject to original sin, and, the punishments listed in the Bible may not even be applicable for the various possible life forms which exist in the Universe.”//

Ummm , the Bible talks and speaks the Word of God clearly that we are made in the distinct image of our Father, so for human beings or homo-sapiens we are unique creatures. The Bible totally tells of other worlds and other beings, celestial beings, Christians do not doubt that, there are times we recognize the UFO hoaxes and sensationalism yet the fallen nature has corrupted every pure truth which in essence only affirms what the Bible says, when mankind perhaps discovers more creatures where we actually interact with them that would only enhance the faith. Too may presume we started form less and evolved, the argument is always a stale mate because everyone is wrong in the debate. the scripture tells of a better atmosphere and a whole human being in the being that has become fractured and frayed but an old version of humans lived tremendously longer. The Bible also speaks of possibly the Nephilim which may be celestial beings who mated with humans just before the fist time God destroyed much life on earth, that was a drastic paradigm worse even than the fall of man. So new discoveries only enhance the truth, the problem with this site? there is ultimate absolute truth, you keep presuming there is no truth and you embrace pluralism which all things could be true or any other belief and you assume all religions are the same started by locality, when in essence the man the unique creature we are inherently turns from His Maker and Creator because of sin, we will always have that in our current condition or state of form of this generational being, until redemption and faith in the new creation both figurative and literal, discovering our Makers plan and seeing beyond the grave man will reproduce but not all will be redeemed , we will die and yet some be raised to eternal life a second time or others who remain turned form God and in ignorance choosing a new form of philosophy will simply die again and again, existence is permanent even after death no real extinction in the overlapping universe layers that have no death or blocked vision. We know what will happen to a very certain degree when is the issue, so no matter what is discovered it was always there before man could measure it, it does not change much, it will only expand what many Christians already recognize as truth. In fact new discoveries only prove how similar to God we are trying to find cures and diseases and ways to work together and we build amazing things distinct form other instinctive creatures- so we are trying merely not against any new discoveries they only affirm what was considered once a miracle is possible when man considers truth and sacrifice and uses talents for putting others ahead of ourselves, we too often (because of sin) distort the good of those issues, but many fail to see a life beyond this body of flesh and bone can only come through the redeemer and Holy blood and the One who created in the first place and will Save as well, only the One can save is the ONE that Made it all. There will be many false miracles though and illusions and magicians that will create delusions of what goodness is and how we get new life. There are other realms and the Bible and Christ real followers and disciples are very well aware of the war going on in those other realms.

Nice article!

I like the amount of thought gone into the article.
I agree with you about the religions part that the mainstream religions are more actually controlling man rather than telling him about the absolute truth about existence on earth. Take a look at Hindu religion though. You might find something interesting.
Also, the self destruction theory is logically true, as an intelligent human would like to know the actual reason for his existence on earth, and the only way to do it is to die.

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