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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Military Drill: Its Theory & Purpose

Military Drill: Its Theory & Purpose

I wrote this a year ago, it is part of a much larger text. It's probably not very interesting for most people!

"An army that regularly parades in public displays itself as a highly professional army. Even though the parade itself does not perform any useful function on a battlefield, it has an affect even in times of peace and in build-ups to wars. A rag-tag army is likely to be unable to put on parades, hence it holds that larger and better armies can display their discipline by means of public performances. It therefore acts as a psychological tool and a deterrent - it says that the army is ready, strong and trained."

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Hi, just wanted to greet you and wish you well.
I have found kind of satanism recently and it seems most reasonable and right. I feel good to have some one like you in our rank, I wish we'll meet abain.
With care.

Hi there, long time no see, hope you're doing well.

Thanks for the comment :-)

I've found a wonderful relationship and my studies a progressing - 1-2 years still left. I've found my willpower again. I dont do much drugs anymore; I've found all I searched from them by now and they dont have much to give anymore. I do know myself well and I like what I am, Plus the inner peace considering peakoil and global politics and predictions I follow closely :) So I think I'm doing well, just sad that I can't afford visiting UK.

I respect the choices you've made in your life, you're strong and very valuable citizen. I'm honerd to know you.
A :)
ps. if you ever happen to meet Bryan Talbot 'round there (creator of Adventures of Luther Arkwright and The Legacy of Luther Arkwright - most intelligent and aesthetically stunning graphic novels I've ever read), thank him for me.


Have I mentioned that Finland is one of the best countries in the world...

That is good news all over, I like to think you have friends over there who admire you as you had over here, even if some of us were largely distant.


this site has very little information on drill and its history
maybe an update would be nice of course :) other than that great job
too you or you all :) im only 15 and i love military drill!

Military Drill Article

I wanted to let you know that I found your article rather interesting as a US Marine of over 9 years and former drill instructor, I found that you made an interesting point for the use of drill as a political tool. Not something that I had thought about much before really. Thanks for the insight.

Re: Military Drill Article

Thank you sir! Feel free to comment further on any aspect of drill!

Punishment drill and juvenile delinquents

Is punishment drill used in boot-camps for juvenile delinquents? I live in France, and one Socialist leader, Madame Ségolène Royal, suggested some time ago that juvenile delinquents be sent to military-style disciplinary boot-camps, as an alternative to prison.


Thanks for writing this article. It saved me a couple of hours of trying to find the perfect article for my topic in ROTC for the essay they assigned me.

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