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Slimelight waterbottle girl

This happened ages ago and I forgot to write it here in Slimelight in London on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I had noticed a particular woman because she was dressed in more traditional goth clothes (big black flowing dress). But, more noticably, she was wearing a humorous witchess' hat, a large hat ending in a point. She was very quiet and I didn't notice her talking to anyone.

She stood out, for some reason! Slimelight has a very diverse culture with many wierd people and outlandish dress sense, but seemed strange in some way. Not sure why. So I was stood looking at the dance floor for a while, and she was sat off to my right watching the dance floor too.

She done something that made my eyes widen! Not out of surprise that it was done, but surprise that I'd see her do what I was just about to see! She was playing with a water bottle in her hands, and then subtly it disappeared into the folds of her dress. Her hands were almost permanently beneath the layers of her dress anyway -- if it wasn't for pure chance that I saw her put the waterbottle underneath I would have never had noticed.

She then put her hands towards her knees, and she was able to very discretely masturbate herself. I smiled deeply to myself to see the technique and was envious that she was doing that... get to people-watch the people dancing, some of the Slimelight people are amazingly sexy, and masturbate. The music was so loud it didn't matter if she made any noises either.

Eventually she looked around and removed the water bottle and discarded it. Oh... I'm not sure but I think she continued until she climaxed. (Which was doubly surprising). At one point she fidgeted with her hands and stroked her own body under her neck and on her own shoulders, before grabbing a hand full of her black dresses intricate layers and filling her mouth with it. In that dress I couldn't gauge her breathing and I couldn't really see her face/blush because her hat was in the way.

All in all... a very strange woman, but definately someone that I'm proud exists. Such happiness with pleasure and self-honesty must exist to facilitate that kind of self-accepting sexual behavior.

Human Beings are wonderful.
Tags: masturbation, slimelight
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