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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Worship of Truth and Reality (Satanism)


The Worship of Truth and Reality (Satanism): I worship truth and reality, and as such take knowledge seriously and only change my beliefs stubbornly slow: He who is quick to believe is easily fooled!

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(Deleted comment)

about satanism

If you know that satan is full of evil, why would you worship evil, what do you think you will get out of this in life

Re: about satanism

lifes wot you make it .....

Re: about satanism


lifes wot YOU make it....

yeah, you think you've said that enough fucking times?! you can't spell. fuck off you idiot.

I don't really understand Satanism, but it seems enlightening and interesting. Vexen, your very poetic and affectionate in your essays. It's weird that myself a Christian whould have an encounter with Satan. He offered me his Kindgom. But you already have his Kingdom. But I don't want his Kingdom. HE even shook my hand on it. I was in awe that I didn't know what to do or say. When I first saw Lucifer. I walked right by him and he was looking at me. Then I realized it was Him. So I turned around and sat right in front of him. I was in awe. I didn't say anything except, "Your Lucifer." He didn't look diabolical with a red face and red horns. In fact he looked very handsome and "Hot as Hell" I just looked at his wings, which looked yellow and old. He on the other hand looked very young. A half an hour later, I did see him with Horns. Then he possessed the body of a girl for two weeks and communicated with me. That's when He offered me his Kingdom. He wanted me to do something wicked. But then the holy spirit talked to him in tounges and he went away. I told my preacher that I saw Lucifer. He said, "Wow!" But then I realized that my old precher, cause he's not my preacher anymore, made a written contract with Satan and He signed it in his blood. It's really between my old preacher and Satan. However, when I would spend time with Satan, cause he would talk to me all the time. I told Satan or Lucifer that I know he did a deal with God. To that Satan replied that it was a mistake. However, I don't know what the deal was, I just know something happened between God and Lucifer, where Lucifer said it was a mistake. However, God doesn't make mistakes. So, that is some of my encounter with Lucifer. I sort of want to see him again, whether it was in Angel Form or in another persons body. I want to ask him some questions. I'm sure he can see me, but now I can't see him. I only was able to see him when he allowed me to see him. However, I don't worship him. And he didn't tempt me with worshiping him. He just wanted to give me his kingdom. But i don't want it. I would rather prefer God's kingdom Heaven.

How long have you been a Satanist? Your essays are really deep and well thought out.

Thirty years, and, been a member of the Church of Satan for ten years.

Dear Vexen,
I am so surprised you kept that one up there. I read in one of your articles that you have to evoke is that the right word...Satan.. But he appeared to me at a really wierd time. I definatly didn't evoke him or anything like that. As I wrote on here before many times, that I did see Lucifer. I think it is because he allowed me to see him. I don't see him anymore. It was just that one experience.

The funny thing is that when I met him, he was talking to me like so calm and nice. He was very nice. He said things like, "I don't believe in witches, I like music, I like to be happy." Like wanting me to get to know him yeah like that. And even when i didn't see him in Lucifer Angel form, but when he possessed the girls body. He was usually always next to me. I would sit and talk to him all the time. I asked him if he would ever go back to God....and his reply was "I don't want to kill myself." Honestly that's what the devil said. No wonder in the Satanic Bible they don't condone suicide.

About the Satanic Bible. I'm scared to get it, because I already met Satan and don't really want to go to hell and why should I read it. I know I talk or write a lot about my encounter with the Devil. How can you forget it? I want to get over it but I think about it alot. Maybe I should pray or read the Bible more or something to focus on God instead of Satan.

I don't know why I am seeking advice from a Satanist. Because One you don't believe in Satan. 2 you think my story is insane. 3. I have no idea why in the world did I met Lucifer.

Of all Angels, I met Lucifer.

If you are aware of Michael the Arc Angel. I met this guy who said he was Michael the Arc Angel, but I can't prove it was him.

I am 100% sure that I did met Lucifer. But only 50% sure that I met Michael the Arc Angel.

So if you don't like what I wrote or if it bothers you feel free to delete it as well. I'm okay with that.

Maybe I just wrote it for you to read, and if you want feel free to delete.


I'm curious do you know what Borezzar? means cause lucifer called me Camelia Borezzar. I have no idea what in the world that means.

I forgot to tell you almost, I know you won't believe this, but Lucifer called me on my cell phone. It must of been in someones body to do that.
He left a message, said it Lucifer and then said this message is for Camelia Borezzar.

So I told this guy that he called me on the cellphone and he said "Did it come up as Lucifer?" I think it was unavailable but the message was definatly Lucifer and he said it was him too.

mental illness

Q Where does mental illness fit into your 'knowledge' system?
Q Is it just an 'inconvenient truth' or are you positing some way of dealing with it?
Q do you make yourself personally responsible in any way for answering your last correspondant? [seeing its your blog]
Q how old are you? Why are you STILL an undergraduate?
Q What are you going to do with your qualification IF/WHEN you ever get there?

Re: mental illness

What weird questions!

Q1. I really don't know what you mean; mental illness can result from neurological disorders, life events, upbringing, genetic inheritance, disease and poisons. Sometimes mental illness results from societies judgementalism about what is 'normal'. Mental illness is just an awkward part of reality, and I don't know why you expect a specific answer about how it 'fits'!

Q2. I am not a therapist and am not qualified to try to cure mental illness. I know some ways of 'dealing with it', depending on the illness. For example with progressive neurological diseases simple changes in environment can yield positive results, even where drugs therapies fail. If you want advise on a specific disorder, I recommend you contact a specialist or see your GP.

Q3. Not sure what you're asking here: I am personally responsible for all my actions. The previous poster (Camelia) has posted at least a hundred renditions of her crazy stories to my journals on this server and on others, and also engages in email conversation with me. I've recommended that she sees professionals for mental help, and, I try to (nicely) explain to her the irrational nature of her beliefs. I get a lot of crazy emails, too many to respond to them all.

Q4. I am an undergraduate because I haven't completed a degree; I left my first degree (computer science) because I didn't like the debt resulting from student loans, so I got a job and worked in IT for years. Recently I have spent 2 years away from home in Afghanistan working in security; during which time I haven't been trying to finish any degrees.

Q5. Well I have an assured long-term career, so, any qualifications I get are for personal interest only. I don't really intend on 'doing' anything with them, although they might serve me once I leave my present job, I can always fall back on IT skills anyway.


Very cool and every thing Vexen though christainty is a lot better and not as harsh and The carzy person you guys were talking about if she was relly seening the devil she mentchiond he was nice looked nice and all he whamted to me was his kingdom it was all a trick Saten tried a simemelr thing on Jesus in the dessert tring to get to worship and give his kingdom. But God is all powerful because in the dessert Jesus cammonded him to go and Saten had to go and he did and I hope you see the flaws in you ways Vexen and convert to a catholic

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