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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

2005 Summer photos: Vexen and Workmates

New photos... Hawaiian Vexen, Vexen with Workmates in Bournemouth... click to view the rest:

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(Deleted comment)
You look great.

Didn't know you'd become a schoolmaster though! :3


Thanks dude :-)

I felt like a schoolmaster for the 2 weeks putting kids on the bikes, the little shits. Masses of kids.

The lights' terrible, I've had a few goes at rectifying it, but it's fundamentally a messed up photo, it was taken on a friends' mobile and I've had it laying on my hard drive for a while.

Photos have been very lacking over the last two years, I uploading another "London" (boring!) page of photos at the moment. My connection has gone quite poor for a week, so it takes a long time and lots of retries to get things uploaded.

One decade I'll get a photo with you!

Hehee. It's kind of strange seeing you with short hair, in uniform etc. Makes me realize more how much our perception of people relies on external cues. By the way, that page looks a bit weird for me. I'm using Firefox 1.0.6. The three thumbnails are half-under the top photo, and the 'Vexen Crabtree' link is floating off to the right.

Oh that is wierd, the thumbnails and "<P>Page by Vexen...</P> bit are all in a div block that should hold them all (with the Vexen link aligned to the right, true), with the photos in a different DIV underneath. I wonder why it's doing that? It sounds like your browser isn't rendering/inline-ing the images as part of the DIV they're in.

I can't upload edits anymore as of the last few hours because my connection has gone too poor to use FTP. I've added two clarifying paragraph blocks.

They all look so young!

They are, friend, they are.

It gets wierd when they crowd around, "Crabtree! Crabtree come out with us! Come to the pub! You coming out tonight? We're going to get smashed!" and all that... because some of them are 8 years younger than me, I just get embarrased being with them sometimes. But it's my *job* to get on with all my workmates, and we work as a team, and so sometimes I am out and about with them around the world.

Some of them are mature, most of them are immature, and some of them are ok people. Most of them are cunts, immoral, debased, aggressive losers. But some are cool... I get on well with these three which is probably why the photo turned out ok. Negative emotions show up in photos like rashes!

ooh~ cute guys ;)

*smiles and sighs* ;p

Wow, your workmates are kinda hot. Mind you, you're kinda hot too. Must be that army sensibility and short haircut thing going on - that or it's just a Pavlovian reaction to have seen too much Inappropriate Porn...

I hope my little phone number bunny has been busy collecting phone numbers for me PROVIDING they are 18+ in age.

Sometimes they ask me for your number... you could have some fun in Germany :p

Cynically, you really could market this. But then I suppose they are chavs... Unhappy face.

They are the Über of the chav. Some of them are ok though (until it comes to things like morals, racism and misogyny). None of them are interesting, but they can talk socially in an entertaining and energetic way. And they're infamously keen on teh boobies of most kinds.

What's wrong with chavs anyway? Next you'll be saying that hip hop is annoying, pointless, cheap, meaningless trite that keeps people at the emotional levels of 13 year old angsty boys. Incidentally, a lot of my chav workmates like hip hop.

Anyway, have a hug and some hair-scruffles. Just 'cos.

'workmates in bournemouth'

hi everyone im danny, the one on the far right of the 'workmates in bournemouth'picture. id just like to reply to a comment made about the photo, first of all none of the lads on the picture are chavs (no offense.) infact, if you was to ask vexen of my taste in music you would be quite suprised. And same goes with the other two lads, ok fair enough the dress sense sometimes might be abit 'chavish' but once again, you would be suprised!

take care.

Re: 'workmates in bournemouth'

Hey Danny, meet 'the others', the eclectic commenters of my LJ, and 'others', meet Danny!

That course was the best few weeks I've spent in this job, seriously. And yes, many would be surprised at your music tastes! (And Thornton's!). There is a reason you three are all have invites to my Wedding! :-)

But... when it comes to what me and Penny were talking about, most people (by a long way) in our work are mundanes, chavs, townies, neds, etc, and are quintessential character-types of those categories.

I'm always unsure as to the difference of the terms "townie", "chav" and "ned"... some people use them to describe different types of mundanes, but I tend to use the terms interchangeably.

Re: 'workmates in bournemouth'

hey vexen, bit late to be up isnt it! what with the work this week! I understand entirely what you say about most of the people in our line of work, i.e been aggressive losers etc. but lets hope they are hurting on the inside eh.

take care

Furry Satanist??????

DEArest Vexen, I am new to your many web sites and somehow you tapped into the 2 things I'm interested in thse days. Furries AND Satanism!!! The last thing from you I read was all about Squirrels (wiggly woos). It was great! However I'm surprised at how Furries and Satanism can REALLY go 2gether! Please explain the connection if there be 1. I,ve always felt like a German Shepherd. I bark, I growl, and I would LOVE a place where I could wear muzzel & tail(a nice fluffy big one)& pointy ears. I am an attractive female but would look even CUTER w/ FUR!!!! Heck, we all WOULD. Even my mother thinks so!!!! But I think she would hardly expect me to go to a furry meet. I would surprise her... I live in Montreal. Are there other furries here????

Chats with Michelle (Satans seecrets)

Why are you so anti Christ Vexen?

Re: Chats with Michelle (Satans seecrets)

Because I believe in Truth, and objective study of reality. In reality, no Messiah can miraculously cure mankind's problems; there have been hundreds of proclaimed Christs in history, and all of them have been full of shit.

Re: Chats with Michelle (Satans seecrets)

What exactly is it that they did or said that really bothers you?

Re: Chats with Michelle (Satans seecrets)

It is obvious that your issues are personal. You are a prisoner of your anger and hostility. Stop this arrogance; you can’t even see 5 minutes in front of your face. Only the name of Jesus can set you free. When you are in a situation where only a miracle can help you, you will remember his name and he will be your only hope.

This is the last you will hear of me. Dont bother replying because im not going to see it.

Re: Chats with Michelle (Satans seecrets)

Do you really find it so hard to accept that some people just don't believe? Do you need to invent psychological reasons, because you personally are so brainwashed you can't imagine what it's like to be normal?

YOU do not believe in many religions - Wicca, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, etc... do you think that because you don't accept these, you therefore have "personal issues", and you are a 'prisonder of your anger and hostility', simply because you don't believe in them?

Hey!!!!name is Jay

Im new at this never quite read about it until today, but I have questioned myself.....man right now my heart is beating fast....guess Im a little nervouse...anyhow Im just a very curious person and love to know whats out there...my friends tell me I read too much into things....its just that Ive had dreams before dreams I cant explain and neither can other people....about the wicca star and other things...will let you know more little by little....I just wish I knew what it meant, it get to me is like deep inside i need to know....
PS love the pics by the way

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