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A fresher?

I'm a student... 'cos I'm a first year student, I'm a "fresher".

I'm studying Social Sciences with Sociology at the Open University. First module starts in a few weeks. Badly timed, that, 'cos I'm also getting married, going on honeymoon and moving house. I'm sure I can fit in some studying, too.

Anyway... I feel kind-of overexperienced to be doing an "Introduction to the Social Sciences" module... the pre-prep stuff they sent me was to do with quoting people, reading texts critically, and all kinds of other Scholar 101 things that I think I know rather well...

Also, as a third of my library can be applied to the social sciences, hopefully I can produce some well-researched and referenced texts for them... I've got to ask my tutor what their rules are quoting yourself in your own essays. I don't want to be done for plagiarism when it's my text in the first place! Might have to reword my own words in order to avoid copycatting myself!
Tags: life, open university, studying
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