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Global Aid Versus Tied Aid

Statistics from the The United Nations (UN) Human Development Report (HDR), 2005. Published annually in association with the UN Development Program.

Quotes and a chart now added to my page "Which Countries Set the Best Examples? A Comparison of Global Aid" by Vexen Crabtree 2005:

The countries that give aid most generously to developing countries are Norway, Luxembourg and Denmark, followed by Sweden and the Netherlands. These five small countries are the most generous in the world.

Out of the richest developed countries, the USA and Italy are least generous, persued rapidly by Japan which has fallen to third-from bottom in the last year due to a continued reduction in it's aid.

The United Nations Report analyses how to make aid-giving worthwhile and usable and does not just concentrate on quantity of aid. There are factors which reduce the usability of aid, including corruption and unpredictability of aid quantities. Yes, "perhaps the most egregious undermining of efficient aid is the practice of tying financial transfers to the purchase of services and goods from the donating countries." This kind of "tied" aid is selfish and counterproductive.

The most generous countries are also the ones that do not tend to tie aid to their own products and services. The stingiest countries also, almost spitefully and nastily, force countries to buy their own services and products with the aid they give; which reduces free trade and commerce and harms the countries economy, as well as being simply selfish and conceited. Thankfully, many countries do not tie their aid. Countries that tie less than 10% of aid include Ireland, Norway and the UK, then Belgium, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. The USA is the worst, and ties nearly 90% of it's aid to developing countries. Italy is the second worst with 70%. The two worst countries for this obnoxious practice in aid-giving are also the two countries out of the most developed countries, who give least generously!
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