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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Hello all!

I am very busy... but, I am online! In my own house, with my own computer!

I am working heavy shifts at the moment (24hrs at work, some hours at home) for 2 weeks, and have much to do, but our new house is 'getting there'!

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You're alive!

Glad you're settling down :) Would you be able to e-mail your wedding photos at some point as I'd love to see them.

*big hugs to Vexen and Sam*

We're still collecting them, we'll give an update when we shortly send thank-you cards to everyone!

doh! CD with weddding pics will get burned shortly and sent over to you..promise!!

online photos now need a password, which i shall also sent over


Does satanism specify whether satan is a female or male persona? Where does satanism say satanists' souls go when they die? Thanks, Andy cane7@bellsouth.net

(Deleted comment)
It is exciting! We're still getting furniture and things for it, it's great slowly building up a style. I'm afraid I'm still not online much except for specific business & research, being married and doing university coursework every few weeks takes up a lot of time!

Good to know all is well. Is this a good busy then?

It was and still is a /good/ busy!

Glad to hear things are getting sorted :)
You're seriously doing 24 hour shifts? Jesus. Who do you work for? The army?

Hurrah! *cheers for you and Sam and your shiny new house*

Incidentally, did you ever get anything in the mail, or will I have to do some prodding? :)

Hey online boy- I think you should text me someone's number. Then you and I can both bask in a shower of karma that comes from connecting people! Whose number? He has ginger hair. :)

God- Boring....

God Is Boring- He probably doesnt do anything but moan, moan Moan.. Oh sorry hello lol I'm Katherine From U.S.A in San antonio, Texas- And I'm waiting for sombodie to reply to this message lol. Bye

A simular perspective!

I found your web site, it is amazing! so much infomation to add to my mind collective!

Here are some links you might find intresting!





london girl lost

oh you're online again..hello you..

I've tried to send you something through the post, cos I couldn't make it to your wedding..I hope everything has been well with you..and if you didn't get the..what did I sent? it seems so long ago..oh a card yes..if the postal people lost the card I guess they couldn't replace it for me..I will just curse them with my psychic powers~

take care dear~

It can take up to ten days for things to arrive... but if it's that long ago then it seems like it'll never arrive! The thought counts, anyway!

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