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Notes on Christian Prayer

I'm fairly sure most the people reading my journal won't really dig this one or see the point! The text is a link:

"Prayer is Not Godly, But Useless and Satanic" by Vexen Crabtree (2005)

The gospels state that Jesus stated that prayer should be done in private, so that others can not see, behind closed doors, in secret and not in public. Matthew 6:5-6 is backed up by many other versus that tell us also that this is the only way Jesus prayed. All the other gospels have Jesus pray in the same way, practicing what he preached. Matthew also says that Jesus instructed that prayer not be repetitious, with 'much speaking' 'as the heathens do'. The criticism is made many times of those who bring attention to their own prayers, so that others will think they are good: Prayer should be private. So much for Christians who say "I will pray for you", as if they're earning cookie points when actually they're rebelling against God's wishes!
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