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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

How Well Do You Know Vexen: Results!

This are the results of the "Do You Know Vexen" test!

1= Opto94(housemate)
1= Empiress94(my fiance!)
3. Orin92(housemate)
4. Kieran90(work colleague)
5. Kremlin84???
6. scruff83LondonFur
7. apesky81LJ Friend
8. hawx80LondonFur
9. footpad75Friend
10. Kim Lee70Friend
11. Marcony68LondonFur
12. Michael67Work; Director
13. Miko66Fur
14. madpixie64
15. Paul62Friend
16. Ken60???
17. Random56???
18. Rat54LondonFur
19. growfBruce47Friend
20. x41???

1. Which state does Vexen live in? (I LIVE IN ENGLAND)
California (0 points)0
Washington (0 points)2
(Answered by: 'x' and Scruff
Texas (0 points)0
Wisconsin (0 points)0
Other (10 points)19

2. What color are Vexen\'s eyes?
Brown (0 points)1
Blue (10 points)13
Hazel (0 points)6
Red (0 points)0
Gray (4 points)1

3. Is Vexen:
Married (1 points)0
Engaged (10 points)11
Single (0 points)2
Has bf/gf (8 points)5
Has multiple bf/gf (4 points)3

4. Does Vexen know who his parents are?
Yes (10 points)19
No (0 points)2
Answered by: Bruce, Rat

5. How many brothers, sisters (including halves) does Vexen have? (I HAVE 7)
None (0 points)0
One (0 points)8
Two (0 points)3
Four (2 points)4
More (10 points)6

6. How long has Vexen (consciously) been a Satanist?
1 year (1 points)1
2 years (2 points)4
4 years (4 points)5
6 years (10 points)9
Over 6 yearss (5 points)2

7. What did Vexen study at University?
English (0 points)0
Computer Science (10 points)18
Religion & Philosophy (5 points)3
Satanism (0 points)0

8. Which best represents Vexen\'s musical tastes?
Pop / 80s / Rock (0 points)3
Goth (2 points)1
Industrial / Techno / Trance (8 points)5
Black Metal / Industrial Dance / Al...11
Classical / Industrial / Metal (4 points)1

9. What is Vexen\'s average mood?
Sad (0 points)0
Happy (10 points)14
Angry (0 points)0
Sexual (1 points)0
Vexen Is Above Emotion (2 points)7

10. Has Vexen ever killed a Human Being?
Yes (0 points)0
No (10 points)15
He\'s tried (0 points)6
More than one (0 points)0

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I am a failure, 62? Are you sure you don't live in Texas? I swear I heard a southern drawl, wait, I have never heard your voice, oops.

I think you'd like my voice.

I am sure I would think that your voice was awesome, but right now,


Later, bro.

Re: Harpy Birthday!!!


Ken stands for Kensaro. :P

Oh, hiya!!

I thought momentarily it might be an an old College friend, Ken Kwong.

Thanks for taking the test!

Ummmm...6 people said you've tried to kill someone?! And seven people said you're "above emotion"!? Woe! What kind of reputation DO you have Mr. Crabtree? ;-p

I expected the "above emotion" comments... but *am* a little shocked that nearly 1 in 3 think I have "tried to kill someone" I mean: I expected them to say "has killed more than 1" :P

Thanks for taking the test, love... oh... at least no-one said I had "red" eyes, so I can't have _that_ bad of a reputation!

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