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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I'm getting towards the end of a 2-week course in driving basic landrovers ().

For the next two days we are doing offroad driving in silence; meaning: No lights at all, no horns, no dashboard lights, no torches, etc. At night time.

The rovers themselves have no comfy seats, no CD players, no electronic windows, heated windows, rear windows or sunwindows, no central locking...

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My first reaction was...No CD Player? Then it dawned on me that lights should be higher up on the list than CD player. I do need to work on my priorities.

Ah that second list of "nos" are things the landrover's my company use don't have: They're very basic and very powerful. They're task-orientated, not human-orientated!

Have your guys started using Land Rovers with the TD5 engine yet, or are you still making-do with the 200/300TDi versions?

[TD5-powered jobbies a real flyers, even when you're towing a couple of tons of trailer behind you]

I have no idea! We have guys at work whose job it is to look after the vehicles; I'm just a user!

I'll remember this if I ever need you to do an 80MPH trrailer-towing dash from the South of England to Scotland for me.

[Ask footpad - we needed to change the tyres on the Land-Rover when we arrived, because they'd disintegrated... the return-journey was not quite so fast because we were carrying a lot more stuff on the roofrack. Damned aerodynamics]

Defensive/offensive driving training?

What do you do, again?
Sounds like a lot of tense, but genuine, fun.

Offensive on the armmuscles, yes.

We do "defensive" driving on the road when just doing routine transport over national roads (meaning: conservative & safe); but because we do our comms in some dangerous places, we do other styles of driving too.

I work in the installation/maintenance of comms networks, which I suspect is a more boring answer than you expected!

(Deleted comment)
Do you at least get to bring a cushion? Otherwise your poor butt is going to be sore if you're doing lots of off-road...

We bounce around so much that the cushion would probably fly off somewhere anyway! Everything is bolted or strapped down!

Beyond Music

I know you are a big fan of Beyond music, so here is the link for you to listen to all their songs from their CDs.


Just click on their CDs icons and then click on the RealPlayer icons.

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