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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Easyspace servers across both my domains are removing IMG tags; from banners that link to other sites and internal sites, to little graphics used for navigation... they're being replaced with spaces in the HTML, and I can't log in to their helpdesk or find any email address.

Anyone shed any light on this? It's odd, and I think it's only really started happening recently (within weeks).

I've been "ok" with easyspace since 1998.

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So we're talking ALL IMG tags? Have they been hacked?

No, not ALL images, it's some images in particular across *all* pages. When I upload pages, the same images always disappear. Many images are fine. Some always disappear.

Do the file names that they point to include posibly contentuos key words like Sex or Satan?

do they disapear insantly or after time?

Instantly, either the IMG tags are removed as the server saves the file, or, they are removed as the server sends the file out during a request.

The file names are innocent & simple, for example "bane.gif", "banner.gif", "cos.gif", "n.jpg", "dpjs.gif", also some IMGs are being removed that link to images held on different domains, such as Amazon book images.

I have just ftped some files from the site to my local machine, and the IMG tags are intact on the server, but when they are retrieved over http:// as part of a normal web request, they are removed.

On http://www.vexen.co.uk/index.html at the very bottom of the page above the "Created with Notepad" text, there should be 3 banners. The IMG tags for two of them are being removed... can I just check that the same is happening to you when you view the page?

fwiw I see 3 banners - one.gif, banner.gif & bane.gif

Thanks I've got it sorted now!

I also see three banners
Conclution as I think you may be guessing is that it's your connecion provider as opposed to your host. Who do you connect through. Is it a work connection.

Which of the three banners do you not see?

It's sorted now, it's some over-the-top paranoid function that my firewall does... it actively tries to remove images that it thinks are banners.

Well, thanks for your help mate, I am fairly sure it is likely to be something malicious on my own machine - it's far too random & localized to be my ISP, which is Deutsche Telecom, I have seen a .js file on that looks well dodgy, I'm going to go sort it.

Easyspace fucked me off once too often a while back, especially their answer to the question, "What's your backup policy for the professional hosting package?", which was essentially, "We don't have one, now give us more money and stop bothering us."

If the hassle continues, I recommend www.topclasshost.com :)

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