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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Some updates

* Added some statistics to my patronizing and snobby page about smoking (I have my tone of voice and glorified parent attitude on this page!

* Added quotes to "Multinatinal Corporations Verses Democracy" sourced from David Beetham's book

* Added a quote to my page on the role of voodoo in abolition of the slave trade, the second greatest factor after economics, from The Economist

* Added text and a chart of divorce rates from 1928, to my page on marriage

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If you smoke, you are irresponsible to yourself, the environment, others around you, those who care for you, those who rely on you, and you are being uncaring also to those who will know you in the future and have to put up with the negative legacies and symptoms of a post smoker.

Guilty as charged!

Now if you don't mind... I'm off to have a ciggie and read the rest of the webpage! :)

I just love the caring and tolerant attitude that emanates from my kind advice on how to be social!

Are you coming to Germany any time this year?

I got an error when trying to view the divorce rates and marriage page.

I put "marriages.html" instead of "marriage.html" in the URL of the link on my post... fixed now.

It's at http://www.vexen.co.uk/human/marriage.html

Your mention of pragmatic or arranged marriages reminds me of recent news in our community. A Japanese couple celebrated 80 years of marriage, beginning when the bride was 16 and the groom 21. The marriage was arranged. The couple was interviewed on TV, and the wife didn't understand why wives didn't just do what their husbands tell them, as she happily has done. That, and the notion of an arranged marriage is unthinkable to many people. So, I say, if it's unthinkable to you, don't do it. But it's not at all oppressive if the parties are willing and happy. These people had several children, and although their marriages were not arranged, they seem to be permanent unions which have lasted a mere 40 years or so!

Section 2, under the heading Romantic Marriage:
"Romantic marriage is said to be the individuals free choice according to what they themselves think is best for themselves"
individuals -> individual's

Section 3, last quote:
"In premodern Europe marriage usually began as a property arrangement, was in its middle mostly about raiding children, and ended about love."
raiding -> raising

Section 5, last paragraph:
"Unfortunately in some of its incarnation it has also been misogynistic and oppressive, but modern-day polyamory in Western countries is not so."
unfortunately -> unfortunately,
incarnation -> incarnations

Section 7, last sentence needs a full stop at the end.

Section 9, second paragraph:
"Christianity was responsible for producing the draconian restrictions of remarriage, women inferiority in marriage (both legal and socially), etc."
women -> female

Section 9, last sentence:
"Christianities' obsessions over which particular forms of marriage are acceptable is rendered irrelevant by their own escatology."
Christianities' -> Christianity's
escatology -> echatology

Section 10, first sentence:
"Marriage was once a lifelong certainty, like a job or ones' nationality [Woodward, 2000]."
ones' -> one's

Thanks for the article; I really enjoyed reading it, and there were a lot of thought-provoking points made. I don't think I'll be seeing marriage in quite the same way again. :)

Wow thanks for those, I love you :-)

OK all edits have been implemented. I'm surprised that "eschatology" is spelt with a "h"!

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