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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Single Issue Parties

Single Issue Parties are Dangerous (BNP, etc). Looking at single issue parties as the result of special interest groups, parties that represent a specific religion or a specific ethnic group, and far-right nationalist parties such as the BNP, who epitomize trash-culture: short-term ignorant instincts at the expense of genuine good policy.

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a very simplistic assesment, and quite innaccurate. I think you've been reading the Guardian too much. You like Camden, try living in an estate there, where rival gangs of various imigrant communities are at war, and then tell us how much we need them for our economy. Immigration has been mishandled, in many ways it will prove disastrous. A wide range of people vote BNP, check out their site and you'll see the controversy surrounding a presidential candidate for the Royal institue of British Architects, hardly a beer swilling lager lout. PS GOD kicked satans ass.

And then try living elsewhere where many trained immigrants are working at your local surgery, providing more or less free healthcare that wouldn't exist otherwise. Surely the situation you describe reflects more on the poor placing of immigrant communities (e.g. throwing them all in one big spot and expecting everything to work out) in your situation, rather than nationwide where it can often prove beneficial (as it definitely is in my area).

The BNP can't work. Fortunately, it will never come to power.

PS - But it appears God is losing to atheism. Poor guy, it's like he doesn't even exist anymore!


Immigrant heathcare is not quite up to european standards. Have you not noticed how whenever there is some kind of negligence, the culprit is almost always a darkie? Immigrants don't want to really intergrate (much to the chagrin of our one world liberal & Jewish masters who want a one world population of mixed race people working in their multi-national factories & farms !!!), they naturally/instinctively prefer to settle with their own kind. Unfortunately for the indigenous population, immigrant areas harbour uncivilised trash determined to destroy Britain with their criminal behavior (drugs, mugging, rape,prostitution, fraud, racism,weird religions /animal cruelty as part of their beliefs etc.etc). Surely the unemployed could do the jobs that immigrants are currently doing?

Britain should become independant of the E.E.C., and N.A.T.O . Forming alliances with our kinsman in the white commonweath is a much better idea. Friendly co-operation with the black commonweath countries who we can supply with trained people of their own kind (how did we manage before the coloured people arrived?!)is the best answer to the race question, they managed to leave their homelands easy enough, going back shouldn't be that difficult. The black man in Africa is being wiped out left to himself.

They need the whitemans help to survive their incompetent leaders savagery and the aids epidemic.

Britain and the western countries can survive as homogeneous societies without immigrants - (incorparating protective economic policies) it has to or civilisation will die. Unfortunately the BNP is the only party that can do it. The other parties are subservient to their Inter'l banker paymasters.

PS - Maybe your right , maybe were all going to hell!!

Wicker man


I wouldn't be at all suprised to see the BNP gain some real power in the very near future.They are the only nope now for the indeginous white population of these islands who have had unwanted and uncontrolled immigration heaped upon them over the years.Thankgod there is one party who can see the impending disaster that is multi culturalism.

Let's hope you don't end up getting mugged and beaten in a "multicultural trash" area and have to get treated by a "darkie" doctor, eh?

Now that would entertain me...

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