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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


I am online! In a place where you wouldn't expect to be able to get online if you were sensible.

I am still acclimitizing though, and got a random nose bleed last night due to the altitude (1800ft).

Anyway... this connection is prone to long periods of outage, and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Thanks Sam for letting me borrow the laptop, it's a big morale boost out here!

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Wheee!! Hello to you out there *waves*. I had altitude issues in Saas Fee when we went up the Very Big Mountain indeed, and nearly passed out in my dinner. Fortunately CJ's lap managed to catch me. Y'awl take care now! xx

Sounds fun! Where is it, though?

Ummmm.... it's a very long way indeed up the Swiss Alps. I doubt I could be much more specific than that I'm afraid, so if you require more info then I'll pass you over to CJ, our resident Swiss Alp expert. There's a restaurant up there which I referred to as "The Restaurant at the end of the Universe" cuz it's above the clouds. It also spins around, veerrrryyyy slowly, so you get the whole 360 thing going on while you eat. This is where I had my somewhat horrible altitude sickness incident, in front of a lot of other people who were totally unaffected and behaving quite normally - aarrgghhh the humiliation. Quite nice pizza, tho, even if we did have to wait an hour for it to turn up! I for one was very glad to get back down to the chunk of Alp much nearer the bottom where we were staying, and more specifically to a nice cup of tea.


Glad it got there safe and is working. Means I might actuly be able to speak to you a bit.


I've installed Yahoo! Messanger so I can talk to people, I think it is already installed on our PC... log on as yourself and see if you've got an "add" request from me! If so, we should be able to talk. With the version I've got, when I've got a microphone, it also lets us talk too (Messenger Voice), the same as skype.

Hurrah! Good to hear you've arrived safely! Keep us posted as much as possible. *hugs and ice lollies*


I might be more chatty, because I'm restricted on the amount of productive stuff I can do!

Do you use Yahoo!IM?

I do now! I'm shuripentu :)

Woo! Well I will remember that for tomorrow, I need to update IE later tonight. Also I am about 4 hours ahead of you, for the record.

Glad to hear you got there safe. Is that the laptop that Sam got me to "fix up" sometime a year or so back? If so, take good care of it! *grin*

Good luck, have fun, take care.

I think nothing you face on your posting will compare to the war you'll experience if you bring the laptop home damaged... :-)

Good luck out there and let me know how the alternative music club out there goes.

I think the Laptop case is worth more than the actual machine...

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