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The Human Truth Foundation Website

My new web domain is a collection of pages and texts on society, sociology, subculture, human sexuality, epistemology (how do we know what's true?) and a little philosophy.

It replaces two previous subdomains.
Tags: culture, furry, goth, poly, sexuality, sociology, subculture, websites

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Interesting article, and one that I'd broadly agree with. Even if individual scientists can become dogmatic regarding 'pet' theories, science as a whole will eventually adopt a more correct theory, even if it does take a while (I think plate tectonics is one of the best examples of this - the geologists of the day largely shouted it down, but it has become *the* unifying theory for explaining so much of terrestial geography).
Good example. I think the scientific community is wide and complex enough that competing interests serve as a strong source of innovation between old and new theories. There's nothing worse than your academic rival producing a better, more accurate theory than your own! A great big competition, evolution of the fittest (as in the way theories predict data that fit the results...) *ramble ramble*

Thanks for the comment :-)
4.That we can stimulate parts of the brain and induce mystical and spiritual experiences in people means that such experiences are explained by the neurological sciences whether or not there is actually a 'spiritual realm'.

How were these experimental experiences produced? Were they chemically induced? If so, how do you explain for people having these experiences just out of the blue, coming upon them randomly.......I have had a few experiences where I felt God was communicating with me which just came upon me suddenly......I wasn't even thinking about God, nor praying or any such time I was reading; another time I was in a restaurant having a meal. The only thing I can say about the experiences is that they appeared not to come from myself, not something that I could have possible does the brain suddenly create these "illusions"? Please respond to me by
I like your site, I agree with a lot of the things you said, you're very logical. I especially liked your article on conforming with normal ideas. I think it's stupid how people always agree with the general opinion. It's pretty ironic that there are people who disagree with normal ideas. They disagree just to be rebels, but in doing so they're just as controlled by it as the normal people! I always think about things very logically, with little bias. I did notice quite a bit of bias, though. Especially the common references to Satanism. And saying that "some people have otherworldly superstitious ideas" and that sort of thing. I'm not exactly the most religious person, and I don't know anything about Satanism, but the bias is pretty clear.(I'm agnostic, by the way. For creationism, where did God come from? "He's always been there" doesn't explain anything. And for evolution, where did the very first little cell come from? A bunch of atoms didn't just randomly fall in the right place and spring to life.) I still haven't finished reading through it yet. Man, I've been thinking a lot of the things on this site for quite some time now. Normal people, though I like them, sort of frustrate me sometimes. I also really liked your page on opposites. I always break down sayings like that. For instance, "I could care less" means you have to actually care at least a little bit! And if it "goes without saying" then you don't need to say "it goes without saying." Those are just a couple. When I try to tell other people about this stuff, they just pretty much ignore it. I have never went into this stuff as in-depth as you did, though. Keep writing, I'll keep reading!

From Dahui's Shobogenzo:

Just be able to dissolve past habits according to circumstances, going when you need to go, sitting when you need to sit, without any thought of seeking buddhahood. Why so? An ancient said, ‘If you’re going to act in contrived ways to seek buddhahood, then buddhahood is a major sign of birth and death.’

If you question me, I reply accordingly, but I have no mysterious subtleties for you. And I don’t have you dwell figuring. I never speak of transcendence or immanence, or the existence of Buddha, or Dharma, or ordinary or holy. And I don’t maintain sitting to bind you people.

If you say you can attain by entering concentration, stilling the spirit, quieting down thoughts, well, some cultists have also managed to get into states of tremendous concentration seeming to last eighty thousand eons, but are they enlightened? Obviously they are mesmerized by false notions.

It cannot be said that you will hit the mark by fasting, discipline, constant sitting without reclining, stopping the mind, meditating on emptiness, freezing the spirit, or entering concentration—what connection is there?

From Teachings of Zen, Ch'eng-ku:
"It is essential for yu to cease and desist from your previously held knowledge, opinions, interpretations, and understandings. It is not accomplished by stopping the mind; temporary relinquishment is not the way - it fools you to wasting body and mind, without accomplishing anything at all in the end.I suggest to you that nothing compares to ceasing and desisting. There is nowhere for you to apply your mind. Just be like an imbecile twenty-four hours a day. You have to be spontaneous and buoyant, your mind like space, yet without any measurement of space."

From The Zen Teaching of Huang Po, Huang Po:
"As for those people who seek to grasp it through the application of some particular principle or by creating a special environment, or through some scripture, or doctrine, or age, or time, or name, or word, or through their six senses, how do they differ from wooden dolls?"

"Since you are fundamentally complete you should not try to supplement that perfection by such meaningless practices."

"If you students of the Way do not awake to this Mind substance, you will overlay Mind with conceptual thought, you will seek the Buddha outside yourselves, and you will remain attached to forms, pious practices, and so on, all of which are harmful and not at all the way to supreme knowledge


There are people disagree with these zen masters though and are convinced meditation/practice enlightenment is the way. It's where the modern/popularized idea of zen comes from. [Also see northern vs southern school debate]