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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Historicity of the term 'Left Hand Path' in the West

Left Hand Path and Left Handedness:


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There are some more sources

Good essay, but I'd add Dennis Wheatley and Arthur Waite to the list. In Dennis' books, people who practiced black magick were followers of the Left-hand Adepts, who liked to booze, get laid, things along that line. Followers of the RHP were the good-guys, who eventually won in the end. Arthur Waite derived his definition for LHP from Blavatsky, as is evident when he wrote that LHP was black magick, though he wasn't completely certain of the link.

Re: There are some more sources

Dennis Wheatley is one of the most prolific extreme Christians responsible for most of the untrue, false and dramatic statements about anything non-Christian. A profound racist (tracing much of "evil" to the spread of black people and voodoo), he is part of a en entire genre of Christian scholarship that is characterised by paranoid, delusional and self-perpetuating myths and nonsense.

Dennish Wheatley is not a good source of information.

Who is RIGHT?

It is very interesting to read all the interpretations of left-handedness and the associated stigmas that comes with it! I use history and history is the best evidence available to all who can understand it. If we turn to this for guidance we can see that all the heresy, wars, rape, pillage, atomic destruction of innocent civilians, world trade center attacks, clergical molestation, corruption, deception, corporate fraud, government war mongering,(should I continue?) crucifixtion, murder, pedophilia, assassination,,,,,the list can go on from here to eternity. ARE ALL LEFT HANDED PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH ATROCITIES?? If you have intelligence and a conscience then the answer is NO! Left-handed people have become the witness to all these worldly ills. Right handedness is always in fear of evidence but cant understand it! Should WE continue with the list of evidence? The internets resources would reach a point of GROUND ZERO!!! I hope that we will not have to be RIGHT when this occurs. Nuclear Holocaust involves everyone my friends! I hope I'm LEFT to enter the evidence.

Left path and the eye of horus

was wondering if anyone knew if it was the right or left eye of horus that was deemed dark magic, and which was protective. not the way it points, but which actual eye?

ta loads

Left Hand Path Relativistic

What seems strange to me - an old fashioned Right Hand path believer - is that if Left Hand Path spirituality is all about personal choice and the lack of a dogma system; a belief that truth is relative to the individual - then why not accept that the so-called right hand path is the acceptable or indeed prefereable relative truth for the majority. In stead it seems that far from being accepting the practitioner of the Left Hand path goes often out of their way to ridicule and belittle the 'truth' that many have forund in Right hand path faith systems!

(Deleted comment)

Re: hmmm, well, I chose to be left-handed

I am from shanghai,china. almost all of people writes with their right hands.
But My boy writes with his left hand.I am right hand. so i don't know how to teach him. do you know any website of how to write with their left hand?
Many thanks.

Re: hmmm, well, I chose to be left-handed


read your comment about choosing to be left handed . Thats odd because for some years ive been trying to use the left hand side of my body rather than the right to hopefully stimulate different parts of my brian.I,ve tried doing the dishes the wrong way round , carrying things with my left hand and not tried writting yet ! I,m in trested in Human Potetial and this is just an experiment , i also practice tai-Chi / chi gung , reiki . Sorry , I,m Pete and i live with my family in Somerset UK If your on facebook its "Somerset Peasant "


In the culture of the Ibibio of South East Nigeria, lefthandedness also has a negative conotation. I remember when we were younger and my sister was lefthanded, she was beaten every time she tried to take things from people with the left hand. In school, she was beaten to use the write hand to handle her pen for writing. Her academic progress was distorted due to this. My father had to step in to allow her to use her left hand with which she was more comfortable. She is still lefthanded, has a degree in Education, teaches in a Secondary School and is infact their Vice Principal. She is a very pleasant person and lefthandedness did not impede her in anyway. So there is nothing devilish about it.

(Deleted comment)

left-hand path origin

in ancient indian philosophy, there is a school of thought known as SHIVAISM. Within shivaism, there are two paths towards enlightments and eventual nirvana: the "right hand path" which involved tapas (austerities,) meditation, and renunciation, and "the left hand path" which allows to seeker (after performing purifying meditations for probably many years) to indulge in ritual drug taking, sex, etc. and in doing so reveal and conquer the primal and hedonistic urges of man. this is the true origin of the term "left hand path" and is a complex literary and spritual philosophy many thousands of years old.

Re: left-hand path origin

Hi everyone out there. I suggest some reading on left/right brain.
You will find that the right brain dictates to the left hand. The
left brain dictates to the right hand.
Meaning if you are a righty you and actually a lefty and vise versa.
Here's some food for thought. The right brain is feminine...the left is male. However each side possesses a little of the other.
If you really go back to do research on where it was that leftness
anything got turned into a negative you will find that the left hand
is manipulated by the feminine side of the brain. So this is just
one more example of how the feminine was demonized and much of
what represents her.
You may want to read.."Alphabet vs the Goddess" by Leonard Shlain.
He is a brain surgeon and has much experience in the subject of
left/right....action. It's a great read and will give you a whole new
perspective on why both are necessary elements in nature.
......Just imagine what we would do with out the both.
...i.e. try typing in the computer with one hand only. It's quicker
when you use both hands.

Re: left-hand path origin

The right-side is not a "feminine" half of the brain; the right-side, associated with certain types of thinking, is merely slightly more active in females than in males, the the opposite for the left side. This development comes with testosterone; a hormone that affects one side of the brain slightly more than the other. The differences between male and female are very small.

In ancient history they did not know any of this, and it certainly isn't the reason behind left/right dictotomies.

The two halves are joined by the calloseum, which is central, and is more active in females than males. If anything this means that it is the masculine brain that should be "demonized", because although it also uses both hemisphers, it manages to communicate between them less well.

Of course typing with two hands is quicker than typing with one... typing with three hands would be even quicker again!


Looking at the history of the West and the underlying christian based legal system and social structure I would have thought that the term RHP came from that Jesus said he would be seated at the right hand of God, and also said he was the way, the truth and the life.
The Left hand path, claimed to be owned by Satanists, seems to stem from being the opposite but the same as the right, kind of like a mirror image. It is exactly the same image but it is a reflection of the original image and is its own unique image.
There is no real difference between left and right, they are each directions but it would make no difference if they were reversed, therefore they reflect a choice, in the christian scenario, a choice made by God to put Jesus on his right, in the satanic scenario, a choice made by Satan to be left. In both cases there is the question what is on the other side because the directions are fundamentally only different when compared to each other but alone are the same. Therefore attempts to compare and overcome by each side are doomed to failure. One side is no better or worse than the other but it is only apart yet together that they can realise that. Individuality in the human world cannot exist without self and self cannot exist without others. Therefore the so called herd claimed to be rejected by satanists is required for their own existance and is their existance. Likewise the brotherhood sheep herd mentality of christianity could not exist if individuals didn't choose to partake in it therefore the individuality supposedly rejected by christians is required for their existance and is their existance.

So the left being self is a herd of selves, all going wherever their desires take them and united as one by that, and the right, being a herd is still a herd of selves, all going where they've been directed and united as one by that.

etc, etc, etc

I'd also point out the brain hemisphere contingent: the Left Brain, which controls the Right Side of the body, is predominantly of the various life skills, such as language, reason, etc.; the Right Brain, which controls the Left Side, is mostly where creativity & such lie.
- Dr. Faustus

Left Hand Path

Left Hand Path refers specifically to Tantra. Tantra is a specific methodology for Spiritual Realisation and ought only be practised under the Protection of a Guru.

In Hinduism, a Guru is someone who understands the Atma.
In Vajrayana Buddhism, a Guru is someone who understands Anatma.
In both faiths, the self is annihilated.

In both cases, Guru refers to an Enlightened Master.

The practitioner of Tantra needs sharp faculties. This ought not be confused with a Towering Intellect. The truths and realities addressed by Tantra go beyond the human intellect and transcend Death. An Enlightened Master does not die. He leaves this world by an alternative rout which Satan does not understand.

Tantra means continuity. Tantra refers to the continuity maintained from the basic ground or foundation of a worldly being, along the path, and through to complete fruition of the practice.

In Hinduism, this continuity is Brahman, God-consciousness. In the beginning, the worldly being is separated from Brahman. In the end, the worldly being is fully integrated with Brahman. He becomes Divine.

In Vajrayana Buddhism, this continuity is Buddha nature. In the beginning, the worldly being is separated from Buddha nature. In the end, the worldly being is fully integrated with Buddha nature.

Suitable practitioners of Tantra are very rare. Qualified Gurus are rare.

In the West, Tantra has been corrupted and deployed for sinful purposes by foolish people who have no understanding of the dire effects their practice will have on them. Dr Faustus is kindergarten stuff to what they will experience.

A book that gives a good description of a Tibetan Tantrik Master is 'Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa' A Biography from The Tibetan Edited by W.Y. Evans-Wentz. It is fairly easy reading.

To be accepted as an initiate and a novice in Tantra, one must have had an experience of Enlightenment. This is not for the faint-hearted.

Vajrayana Buddhism claims to be the most advanced form of Buddhism but, Theravada Buddhism is just as potent, provided one has found authentic Teachers. The fruit of The Vajrayana is Buddhahood. The fruit of the Theravada is Arahatship.

The Buddha was an Arahat and the Arahats share similar Supernormal Powers:



Ma Tin Hla, M. A

(ASAVAS Spiritual Cankers).

Tantra is taught form the Perspective of Enlightenment and is a System of Non-Dual Wisdom, Absolutist. The Theravada is taught from the Perspective of Dualistic Wisdom, though it takes
Non-Dual Nibbana (Nirvana) as its Absolute. The Theravada is a Pluralistic System of Wisdom.

This difference of Perspectives renders Logical comparison impossible.

The Absolute is one without a second. It is beyond speech since there are no words or language to describe it. If anyone claims to be able to describe it then that person is lying. It is ineffable. All Words are Relative. The Absolute cannot be addressed by Logic and Reasoning. However, it can be be realised by Human Beings.

Left-hand path

Having attained 7deg = 4square I was invited by the Mother to ascend the middle pillar and cross the abyss - however I was disturbed at the crucial moment by 'the man from Porlock!' and chose to look left - at my material goals (OK, I was scared!). However, although the left hand path has always had a bad press I can't help but notice the analogy of the Bodhisattva, who passes up on nirvana in order to return and help on this physical plane....

I think left handed people are special and unique

Throughout history, Left Handed People have been the most overlooked and under celebrated “minority.”
Even after all of the contributions that Left Handed people have made to society, people are still hesitant to acknowledge the fact that there is something very unique about Left Handers.
Think about it… Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henry Ford, Charlie Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, even the guys who founded Apple, the maker of the iPod and iPhone…. Not to mention the endless number of athletes who have gained notoriety in their arena.
While it hasn’t been scientifically proven that Lefties have measurably different traits about them, it is hard to deny that the 10-15% of the world that is Left Handed has been given a gift that is held by few. Also, the right handed majority of the world has no motivation to understand the differences in Left Handed People, so why should they fund research about it?
Left Handed people have made some of the most appreciated and noted contributions to the world as a whole.
Despite that fact, when a southpaw starts to talk about how special Lefties are, it’s not long before the right handed people start rolling their eyes and changing the subject.
Another undeniable truth is Lefties process information in a way that is very different from Right Handed People. Because little is understood about the Lefty Brain, many Left Handed students are faced with stronger challenges throughout their educational years. This can often lead Lefties to perceive school as “not the place for them.” The truth is, their Left Handed brains were not catered to while desperately seeking knowledge.
The challenges of growing up in a right handed world aren’t all bad for the Lefty. Many people believe that the adaptation associated with being a Left Hander in a Right handed world is what gives Southpaws an added advantage in life.
Because Left Handed People are not usually thought of as a “minority” or a “demographic,” minimal studies have been done to understand the thought processes, needs, wants, and habits of Left handers. With 10-15% of the world being Left Handed, there is a large number of people who have not been acknowledged as a “group” and have not been able to be represented and catered to.
Could you imagine what might have been possible if people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein had resources to connect with Left Handed people from all around the world? If they did, the world may be a very different place today.
Having lived life Left Handers, a team of us have come together in hopes of creating a stronger community of Left Handed People. We have also committed ourselves to understanding more about Lefties so that we may reach, cater to, assist, empower, unite, and educate some of the most unique people on the planet.
We have created a site, http://www.lefthandedclubhouse.com , with the hopes of uniting the Left y Community. The site is unique in that it is a “collage” of everything Left Handed. Contributions are made by the Left Handed Clubhouse Team, but readers, visitors and associates are encouraged to participate in the site’s content. We also provide links to many other Left Handed Resources and websites. We are not worried about competition with other Left Handed sites, we just want to connect the Lefties of the World and encourage the continuing growth, empowerment and education of Left Handed people everywhere.
Please feel free to check out our site at http://www.lefthandedclubhouse.com

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