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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Black ergonomic keyboard

I am looking to buy a black ergonomic (2-part split) keyboard. I am finding it hard to find a black one online! Anyone know anywhere on line, or anywhere in London that sells one?

My old keyboard (I painted all the keys black) has always been a bit funny (it would "crash" and I'd have to unplug/replug it to make it work - especially when playing Quake 3, but today whilst I was at work I got sad news from empiress! The 'n' key has stopped working! So now I'm using a poor quality keyboard we had laying around... pre-Win95... need new one!

I tell you what... I'll post someone a copy of The Satanic Bible or a music CD if you can find a place online that sells a black, 2-part (curvy) keyboard with a good 4-inch wrist rest!

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Does it have to be black? I could make you a nice yellow one. With happy faces on it. ;)

I my opiio that keyboard's ever doe you justice. Bi it, I say. o loger will Vexe be kow amog Quake III fas as someoe proe to beig trepaed whe stadig aroud like a moro. I hope your search is successful!


I can say "Ni!" again!

u don't need muisic or satan, u have freindz;~} dyd u try the computer shop near tha station..? just a compleat waist of tyme suggestion...

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