Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Another nightshift...

Started off very hectic today... lots of varied and random problems, most of which I could only monitor and inform other people about. Going to monitor bandwidth usage on a few satellite links, in depth, although I don't think that that's the issue at all. On another link, two nodes just *cannot* seem to sync their timing, and one location keeps dropping to internal timings, which dropps it off the net. Awkward; the new cards we sent up there this week hasn't fixed it. Which annoys our bosses.

Anyway... went to the gym early this morning (4am), after chatting amicably to a friend, and done a heavier circuit, upping all the weights and stuff, and not doing any toning at all. I need to learn to get to the gym earlier, do an overload circuit then go running for 30mins -> 1hr, then go do another overload circuit.

Anyway, am going to midnight scoff in 30 mins after B gets back from hers, have a nice Sunday evening you all.
Tags: fitness, gym, nightshift, work
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