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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Ebionites: Early Jewish Christians


Ebionite Christians had an early copy of the Gospel of Matthew; they did not have the two first chapters (including the virgin birth), which were added by later Christians. They strongly believed that all the Old Testament Jewish Laws had to be obeyed; including the Sabbath and circumcision for all males. As such, they considered St Paul to be the archenemy of Christianity as he taught that people did not have to obey the Law in order to be saved. Pauline Christians eradicated the Ebionites, burnt all their books (none survived), and wrote volumes and volumes against them.

"If we were to guess which group was the more austere, holy and godly, we would have to guess it was the Ebionites rather than the Pauline Christians who slaughtered, slandered and oppressed them. Unfortunately the victors get to write history, and it is Pauline Christianity that became the legacy of the Roman Empire. After the fourth century, the Ebionites were vanquished."

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I do not diagree that the Ebionites were austere. or the Roman Catholics in favor of living an opulent lifestyle (When possible). I would think it is other factors you mentioned earlier that made them holier or otherwise (Although who am I to sit in judgment).

It is my feeling that any austerity shown by jesus could have been a neccesity of being poor. Equaly so for the Ebionites. I am not sure it speaks well of thier holiness though that they seem to have declared being in a particular state of affairs a virtue, just because that is the situation they have found themselves in.

The poor have often been keen to make the state of being poor something noble; a thing to be proud of. I guess if one is poor theres nothing wrong with them coming to conclutions that make them feel better. As long as it dosn't hold them back.

Has this thing of austerity and povity been used over the years by the ritch to keep the poor in thier place?

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