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- Danced around naked: Yes
- Ran away from the cops: Yes... silly kid Vexen.
- Held a gun: Yes, multiple.

- Committed a crime you were charged with: No
- Gotten in a car accident: No
- Watched Punky Brewster: No
- Gone skinny dipping: No
- Ran away from home: No
- Played strip poker: No
- Broke a bone: No


- Sang out loud: Once a week.
- Screamed: Don't know. Years ago.
- Ate Chinese food: Once a week... last time on 2002 Mar 02 (Soba Noodle Bar in central London and noodles from a Chinese stall in Camden Market)
- Watched a cartoon: Thurs (Simpsons)
- Took a picture: Yesterday at the British Museum


- Have a pager? No
- Have a cell phone: Yes
- Have your own car: No
- Have money in your pocket? Yes
- Have clothes on right now: Yes, skirt and t-shirt.
- Have a mental disease: No
- Have any pets: No
- Save E-mails: Yes, comprehensively.
- Have a crush: Yes :-)
- Sleep with stuffed animal: No
- Sleep with the lights on or off: Either.
- Think you're weird: No. Yes. No.
- Think you're funny: For some.
- Have a pool: No
- Party a lot: No
- Go on-line a lot: Yes
- Sleep a lot: No
- Curse a lot: No
- Like lollipops: Kind of.


- Button fly or zipper jeans?: Zip.
- Hot or cold: Cold.
- One pillow or two: One
- Red or blue: Red
- Here or there: Here
- Pencil or pen: Pen
- Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
- T-shirt or tank top: Tank top
- Stripes or solids: Solids
- Chocolate? milk or plain: Both
- Celsius or Fahrenheit: Celsius
- Spring or fall: Spring
- Summer or winter: Summer
- Skiing or swimming: Swimming
- Croutons or Bacon Bits: Bacon bits
- 2 doors or 4 (in a car): 4
- Shampoo or conditioner: Conditioner
- Relationship or hookup: Relationship
- Pools or hot tubs: Hot tubs
- TV or radio: Radio
- Snow or rain: Snow


- What is your most prized possession: PC
- What is your good luck charm(s): Me
- What is the stupidest song you've ever heard: All the ones I like...
- What is the most embarrassing CD you own: Phil Collins... live
- What do you do most often when you are bored: HTML
- What is the last movie you saw: Midnight Express
- What kind of clothes do you sleep in: Boxers
- What color tooth brush do you use: Pure Black with black/white thistles!
- What are you thinking about right now: Love
- What are you doing right now: Listening to new VNV Nation CD, "Futureperfect"
- What color underwear are you wearing: Black
Tags: livejournal memes, vexen
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