Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Army Basic Training: Weeding Out the Weak

Basic training serves to weed out those who cannot increase their fitness, those who are weak-willed, and individuals who cannot act as part of a team. I first set out a very idealistic description of such training. Despite the theoretical effectiveness of Army training, gaps exist in the applied process. Some are a result of societal and political pressure on the Army.


Stress Builds Mental Endurance
Tackling Problems: Command Tasks
Gaps in the Sieve

I have lots of text prepared from 2003 (like this text was), which I will be gradually marking up... and am excitedly working on pages on Religion in the British Army, which will be pretty interesting, especially when I get on to the more esoteric stuff (which I won't be properly releasing for over a year, for political reasons).

Out here without the military library in Wegberg, and other resources, I am finding it impossible to find any reputable text on the psychology of Army training and on the sociology of army life, can anyone recommend anything?
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