Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Religious Coercion in the British Army: Compulsory Church Parades!

Technically the British Army does not have compulsory Church Parades. They were abolished. I have to point this out at the beginning of this page, because it is a surprise to many soldiers within the British Army. This page is about the reality of compulsory, or pseudo-compulsory, Church Parades and communal Christian events in the British Army. We also discuss the frequently-repeated notion that atheists should have to do work duties over Christmas and Easter holidays 'because they don't believe'. We conclude that Memorial Services should be secular, enforced Christianity should be abolished, and religious beliefs should be respected just like it says they should in Army literature such as the British Army Values and Standards booklet. [Click any of the text to go to</a>

  1. Beliefs Are Important and Personal
  2. Memorial Events Should be Secular and Inclusive
  3. Christmas, Easter, and other Religious Events
  4. The Army Ethos and the Padre's Mission
  5. Conclusion
Tags: army, christianity, christmas, church parades, easter, religion, tolerance
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