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Looked after...

I like it when people resonate and reverberate at the same frequency as you do, because then all their daily advice and intelligence can be absorbed.

When this match doesn't occur between people, it seems someone's advice and experience ends up as intimidation or pressure. That's how it is with most people.

So it's very special when you find someone where you can instinctively trust everything they say, and just give yourself up to them. It's very comforting and caring, then, to simply support and look after each other without counterproductive pride or insecurity getting in the way. When this all works out, it becomes pleasurable and worthwhile to be with that person no matter how boring your day to day life is.

Like being able to munch dreamy creamy chocolate ice-cream all day without getting full!

*mush* *mush* *sigh* *happy*
Tags: relationships
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