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Working on...

* Religion in the British Army (overview)
* Vegetarianism
* Western Culture: Trash Culture, Popular Culture and Elitism
* Gnosticism overview
* Vexenism
* Democracy Portal (links to pages that discuss democracy)

A new website is coming (British Military and the European Context), formed out of all the Military-related pages, but at the moment it would only have 4 essays on it... I want one or two more pages for it, first.

I've been editing a load of old & embarrassing stuff, too, turning some 'rants' into more informed texts and adding references, etc, slowly, to all pages.

Two potential new (fan) sites... Should I?

1. Smart Car fan site
2. Starbucks fan site

Comments? Requests? Whinges about anything so far in my empire?

[EDIT 2006 Nov 14: Made an update to this in a new entry]
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