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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Working on...

* Religion in the British Army (overview)
* Vegetarianism
* Western Culture: Trash Culture, Popular Culture and Elitism
* Gnosticism overview
* Vexenism
* Democracy Portal (links to pages that discuss democracy)

A new website is coming (British Military and the European Context), formed out of all the Military-related pages, but at the moment it would only have 4 essays on it... I want one or two more pages for it, first.

I've been editing a load of old & embarrassing stuff, too, turning some 'rants' into more informed texts and adding references, etc, slowly, to all pages.

Two potential new (fan) sites... Should I?

1. Smart Car fan site
2. Starbucks fan site

Comments? Requests? Whinges about anything so far in my empire?

[EDIT 2006 Nov 14: Made an update to this in a new entry]

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(Deleted comment)
Ha, that's a great comment re:smart cars! *giggling*

My first attempt at defining Vexenism appears on my Blurty (user=Vexen) diary... 'Hard Science' is the first topic... the others will be:

2. Self Development: Physical and Mental Fitness
3. Compassion, Consideracy and Love
4. Free Sexuality
5. Anti-taboo
6. Doubt & Questioning Assumptions
7. Rise above culture
8. Anti-religion

U.S. Publisher Wants to Reprint Your Article

Dear Vexen Crabtree,

I work with Thomson Gale, an academic and reference publisher located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I am contacting you for permission to reprint your article "Satanism and Violence," in www.dpjs.co.uk/violence.html, 2002 in our upcoming publication At Issue: Satanism.

We hope to reprint your article in print, online and derivative formats of our publication. Might you please confirm for me whether or not you will grant us permission to reprint your article?

You can email me at timothy.sisler@thomson.com. I sent an email to you at feedback@vexen.co.uk last week as well.

Thank you for your consideration.


I second the anticipation for "Vexenism".

And definitely a Starbucks fan site...caramel latte with a small bucket of cinnamon stirred in...mmm

Looking forward to the democracy & gnosticism; confused about the vegetarianism; WTH is "vexenism"? :)

Smart Car site: Yes.
Starbucks: No. (Er, at least, I couldn't care less.) :Þ

Whinges: only just why some people use the word 'whinge.' *L* So weird. (You got some empire we don't know about??)

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