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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satanism and Love

A new page: Satanism and Love on www.dpjs.co.uk/love.html:

The Value of Love
Satanism is not a religion of hate, it is a religion of truth and humanity. The Human emotion that best expresses our humanity is love. Hate is a dulling of the mind, a primal state that undermines the best Human qualities of intelligence, compassion and progress. Hatred has its place and cannot be done without, but, love is much, much more valuable: The emotions surrounding love are stronger than those of any other state; a Satanist does not deny the pleasure of love, the pleasure of doing good towards the ones (s)he loves, nor the pleasure of simply being in love. Love, affection and attention are necessary parts of a healthy mental life, whereas hate and bitterness can both be left behind (as long as you don't leave your wisdom behind too). Satan represents indulgence, and in doing so, Satan represents love.

The Selfishness of Love
Love is perhaps the strongest emotion we possess. But it is ultimately selfish; the satisfaction and feel-good that it brings is an ultimate reward. Our instincts and needs underlie any altruistic behaviour, especially when it comes to love. That is part of the beauty of love... that you know your loved one loves you because it makes them feel good. You know that they know your love is selfish, and they are happy that you love them because it makes you feel good. Without this hidden, deeper selfishness, Human love would have less depth. Love is best and most beautiful when it comes from the depths of one person and extends to another, and both know that the other loves them for selfish reasons. We love someone because they make us feel good and they love us because we make them feel good. This combination is a supreme gift to our ego and helps explain why love is easily the most potent emotion.

To Love is Stronger Than to Hate
Love brings with it fragility: our emotions can be hurt more by those who we love than by strangers. The same applies to concepts. When we love a concept it becomes sacred to us, and it hurts us when that concept is insulted. When we commit ourselves to loving relationships and cultivate love, we are on a path of personal strength that makes paths of hatred seem easy. To hate is to take an easy route: To love is to test yourself more, apply yourself more, and to put yourself at greater risk than to hate. We can wind ourselves up into long-lasting patterns of hatred easily, but love requires more skill, more patience, more talent, more humanity and more emotional strength. To hate is to take the easy route. Love is not easy. He who dares, wins.

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how can i simplify,, this satanism and love, i already read this page
the same to other old or modern christianity, about the realiaty of life poverty,, as proclaimed that this satanism, is religion of truth and
humanity.. how really satan is evil,, i wanted to proclaimed my self as a
satanist,, as a status of mine that fulled of emotional trials,. and influences either good and bad.. since when i was young unto my present
age, of my personal life and nonsense..


Hello or should i just say Hell and o? In any case, I abhore the BS that you are propogating...In the name of the Universal Law and the Love of God, please do not promote HATE over LOVE, WAR over PEACE, GREED over THRIFT, LUST over ABSTINANCE...I believe in the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit...I believe in forgiving others for their trespasses, even my ex-husband and maybe his attorney. I believe that Satan is a fallen angel who was cast out of Heaven by God (according to Milton, the great English poet); as such, he has become a vindictive force....God takes care of those who help others, perform good deeds, and even pray for their enemies. The Devil-- well=- I perceive the Devil to be just an Angel who got fired from his job!! Karin (Job's Daughter) P.S.: I will welcome any and all comments....

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