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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Saturday was excellent. LondonFurs meet.

Ia'Kat and I founded the London Furs mailing list about 3 years ago. We started having 3 weekly meets in London, and these continue to this day. Now there are 50 furs who turn up per meet, and endless new faces every time. It's now impossible to get to know everyone. It's excellent.

So yesterday I went to the FurMeet, and planned to go to the nightclub called Slimelight afterwards. I'll write up my Slimelight experience later.

I got up at 11am or something, got ready, ate food. Wearing PVC trousers, knee high New Rock boots with red flames, a tight t shirt I bought in Seattle with empiress. Got to the meet at 13:30 approx.

There were tons of people there who I didn't know. Mostly I don't know the younger furs. London Furs, at some point, became flooded with a large amount of 16,17,18 year olds. Some are younger, and I've had difficulty getting to know them (and not really being motivated to try). But something was special about this meet... out of the blue, a whole load of the older furs turned up. We were all surprised at how many old faces turned up!

OK... so, I was being very sociable and talking to all these old faces! Then, we all stayed downstairs at the venue. We were:

mattlazycat, growf (bruce), iakat, vexen, ytaya, Gothdog, Hawx, Kiroo, Fish the cat, scruff, Miko, Cayenne and footpad. A collection of truly awesome people. We spent a few hours socialising together, we were all happy to be in each other's company. Some of these people (despite me not seeing them daily or even weekly in most cases) have become my best friends. I respect them. So... thanks guys for being yourselves and thanks for simply knowing me!

I had some conversation with Ia'Kat (read my friends page on Ia'Kat) about things; we haven't talked too much since we broke up. Talked with Cayenne too. I've been antisocial recently, I got some catching up done!

OK... I was being open with people! More than normal... I feel I trust some of these people know (I've known them a few years -- I do not trust people easily) talking about my life, asking people for advice. Lots of geeks and computer gurus amogst the older furs, some very intelligent and experienced people, was asking them about moving to Seattle and working for Microsoft! I didn't get any positive feedback about that one. But I got a whole ton of positive feedback about another possible plan; which is to move to Vancouver.

OK... that's the update for the Fur Meet done! I stayed in the downstairs of the LF venue until 9:30pm at which point I went to Slimelight with Cayenne.

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(Deleted comment)
Oops! Yeah I used to know that! I managed to call Scruff "Leo9" yesterday too!

I read your friends page on Ia'Kat, and then went on to reading most of the rest of your site, which I have been meaning to do for a while.

Very interesting stuff, and very enjoyable to read.


Was great seeing you around again too, Vex. It's nice to have someone intelligent to talk to (not that I'm saying there aren't smart people at furmeets, but...). :)

dear Hawx;

hi. been trying II find the time II talk II peepz 'bout this, noe'z me chance...

DEFINE INTELIGENT... oh pleeeeeaaaaaz define inteligent. and if u have the energy, define 'Gay'...

dear Everyone;

Yellow *haz*, of course heard of the dictionary, but not one writen by prestoric furz who likes II hang round inteligent people and seemz II think that 'straight' and 'gay' meenz 'perverted' and 'not perverted'

pweeeez put lonley, confuzed cute>??< wittle Squirrel back on the right track


dear Wiggy & Croud;

would'v been nice II c u & Iakat, but waz busy on Sat. u all seem happy, though, which would hav doubtlesly been my mane intention II find owt. amazing what u can do from home, huh;~}

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