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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Zombie Religion...

If zombies were taking over the world, their braindead religion would include rituals including eating flesh and blood and belief in resurrection. Knowledge would be useless and anti-zombie. The sciences would be anti-zombie, but as yet, no scientific solution for zombie states of mind have been found. Thank god that the zombies aren't amongst us! Oh darn.

www.vexen.co.uk/zombies/religion.html -> The Zombie Religion!

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I so wish my pictures of the Scary Zombie Jesus ( TM Now with added spikes!*) above the gate into the Westminster Cathedral grounds had come out.
Then I could post them and share them with you for your entertainment. But lo, I have only a rather crap camera phone, and thus the pictures did not capture his haggard, empty-eyed zombie stare. He just looked blurry :-/

*they had put anti-pigeon spikes on his head and shoulders.... heh

they had put anti-pigeon spikes on his head and shoulders

Gladiator Jesus!

OK, Leaving aside the genral feeling that Zombies are more a force of nature and as such more likely to have a religon based on them than have a religon themselve (Don't go getting any ideas) let's look at a couple of your statements that need adressing.

"Well an important aspect of being a zombie, is that you hate those who are not zombies. You want everyone to be like yourself, or dead." There is so much that is basless assumption in this. Firstly Zombies Love humans. Especialy the brains. We assume hate because as humans we tend to attack things we hate. It's possible zombies want everyone to be like themselves because they belive it is better to be a zombie or better for the world that everyone is a zombie. This requiers no hatred of the living and could even from a zombie point of veiw be seen as an act of kindness or even love.
They certainly seem at least to see value in human potentual. I guess that comes from not reading newspapers.

In 28 Days Later, one Zombie says explicitly "I hate you". This was in the scene where the lead male was in a shed besides a petrol pump, and the child jumped out at him. The film crew say that it was a mistake in sound editing: The sample "I hate you" was used to generated the noises that the zombies made in that film. Voila, proof that zombies hate the living! (It says this on Wikipedia).

I think using 28 days later is prehaps a contraversual choice since they arn't really Zombies in the tradional sense even if the effect is quite simular. The hate is of course an effect of the rage virus a feature specific to that film and somthing unlikely to effect "Proper Zombies" as viruses do not normlay effect the dead.

Indeed 28 days later zombies are still living Humans, that which you suggest normal zombies seek to change.

It is likely that if rage enduced zombies and "Trad-zombies" met they would lay in to one another with all thier normal zeal.

You're genius for discerning this brilliant insight. Clearly, you will have to be killed.

Well I got Teh Inside Knowledge, you see, which is enough to keep zombies at bay for ages!

Just to say I'm enjoying reading all your stuff about Zombies. I have a tendency to get zombie dreams, the most terrifying of which is when they all start looking like normal people again and going back to work. :) Not that I have a vampire-esq elitest complex or anything ...

Well that's it about Zombies for now, I've wrote everything I had in mind!

That's an odd take on zombie dreams that you have, do you write them down?

Zombie-sympathizers, LoL!!!

Zombies are people too! Dead people, but people all the same.

Zombie rights now!!!


Not all Zombies are bad, what about "Bub" from "Day of the dead". I'd say he's more like the liberal christian, and he defends the non-believer{living human} by taking revenge for his living human friend, the doctor.

Zombie love! LoL!!!

In Reason:

Wikipedia has a good entry on Zombie. I can say this about zombies...They are not democratic nor are they free thinkers. Sadly, they became zombies beause they got in with the wrong crowd and it was too late to get out and the zombies ate their brains or they had a natural penchant for zombianism. They may have also ingested large quantities of drugs and/or propaganda, which then affected their ability to reason.

Zombies and Christians

uhhh, what the hell do zombies and Christians have in common??? Communion is drinking wine and bread as a symbol of Jesus saving us from our sins, not telling us to go and eat peoples brains!?! Christians love people and do not murder people. And Christians are not "Brain Dead". They are physically like any other person in the world!

LOL yous are fucked in the head

lol this is the most stuipidest thing i have ever heard you must be pretty bumb to beleive this crap, im muslim and i beleilve this is the most racist thing i have eve rheard lol and yous are fucked in the head.

Re: LOL yous are fucked in the head

Good counter-argumentation there, you've certainly showed me how wrong I am!

If you want to say anything, you need to know some info from better source. Have you even read al quran already? There's nothing about what you said if non-believer refuse islam, they must be killed. Where the heck you found that statement? The original one is "For you, your religion. And for me, my religion."
In al quran, the muslims must be respect the other religions but we still in our ways of islam.
Read the better source please. Dont make a fake statement.

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