Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Kevin and Perry

I watched Kevin and Perry last night... I already knew (from the way people quote it around work) that it was trash culture, brainless, 'mental slapstick', moronic teenage playschool humour... and it was, but much much worse than I had imagined. I described it as being on a par with the offensive stupidity of Little Britain, and only Sarah agreed... the others didn't even understand the comparison.

I really deeply don't understand how in your 20s, jokes about adolescence, spots, turds and girls can possibly be funny... it is a pretty desperate kind of humour even for children, but how can trash culture be so low, that films like this are popular?.

Sometimes I think that my page on is too extreme... but when I see how popular films like Kevin and Perry and series like Little Britain are, I feel like I can't possibly do enough to tell people how shit this type of culture is.

It's like enforced stupidity, dragging people down further and further into a spiral of irresponsible mentality... grr, arg, and all that, rant rant rant.
Tags: stupidity, trash culture
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