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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Oh my... I'm setting off for Seattle next Friday night, and I haven't decided what to wear yet!

Erm... *looks around*

I'm not prepared, am I? No... *peskies self*

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Wearing clothes is a good start...

Ooo! I know! I know! *waves a paw frantically*

Wear that white stuff you bought in Camden last summer! Leave an entire continent under the impression that you're sweet and angelic...

Ooooh! Neat! Um.... you do the Demonic Schoolgirl look very well, if that helps?

I can't wear white because the girl I'm seeing is so sweet and angelic I'd look like an amatuer in comparison... and I already "done" that look in January in San Francisco!

I think I'll just go as myself this time :-)

Ah...if you keep saying nice things like that you'll damage your reputation as an evil mastermind! :-)

Oh, but do go as _yourself_.

>I think I'll just go as myself this time:-)

what does THAT look liked..?

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