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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Christian political party in New Zealand disbands

National Secular Society newsletter excerpts:

"A Christian political party in New Zealand is being closed down after its former leader was
jailed for abusing young girls."

I think religion-based parties (being sectarian, theocratic and bad for democracy) should be banned (see my page on Single-Issue Parties!), and continued events like this show us that it's not just Islamist parties or ethnic reactionary parties that are dangerous, but any religious party.

Rulers and those in power should not be religious, or at least, should not form commitees or power-groups based around religion. Religion should remain private as it should be and simply not be a factor in politics.

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Given that the party was closed down After it's former leader was jailed for sexual abuse surely the colapse of this party has nothing to do with it being a religous party. Indeed, if the leader of this party had stuck to the Christian values he preached all would have been alot better for several young children.

Also I would suggest that to equate Religous parties with single issue parties would be wrong as Religons cover a great many issues.

To say religon should remain a private matter detached from Politics is to ignore the fact that governments often have to make value judgements. For instance civil freedoms Vs Law enforcement or What should constitut a crime in the first place. If ones religon covers subjects that come up the politicans personal belifes are likely to be in line with his religon so it can be very relivant.

I am a huge fan of the Secular Society! This is awesome. Says a lot about Amerika that we don't have enough sane people in the entire nation to form a Secular Societ here. Sad ain't it?

Orgs like atheist.org have massive online websites (thousands of atheist and anti-religionist essays and documents), and associated communities such as Internet Infidels message board, etc, and do (like the NSS) hole real-life meetings, lectures, etc.

http://www.americanhumanist.org/ (American Humanist Association)

But most exciting at the moment is http://richarddawkins.net/ , the new Richard Dawkins Foundations, the creation of the prominent scientist and energetic, devoted anti-religionist, which looks to combine USA & British pro-science (atheistic) efforts.

But... apart from those exceptions, the UK does of course have a much more powerful and representative lobby simply because there are many more atheists in the population.

A 'national' society in the USA is so much more expensive to set up and run, we've only got 60m people in the UK over a much smaller area. The USA has many state-wide atheist orgs (which are approximately equivalents in size, of our national ones).

Anyway, USA is an unbalanced place when it comes to religion! I'd be such a raving, fervent, angry atheist if I was there!

I am generally disgusted with the so-called atheist groups in the US. They do and accomplish almost nothing. They have an annual meeting and lame newsletters etc but they rarely engage in any protest, political action, press events, or law suits. They are almost always casually following behind groups like the ACLU or Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Both of those are fairly effective at legal action. But they are not atheist organizations. They lack the balls to actually say publicly that religious people are simply morons. Now, back when Madalyn Murray O'Hair was still alive that point was made without apologies. Nowadays, Ellen whats-her-name is simply collecting a paycheck by riding on O'Hair's coattails. Atheists need a radical attack dog group like the anti-AIDS group ACT-UP back in the 90s. Sorry, I am just on a anti-religious nut tirade today.

Ah ok.

Do you see the Richard Dawkins Foundation as an exception? It is more of a battle-cry and a rallying point of enthusiastic and intelligent anti-religious education, with a strong anti-creationism strain like www.talkorigins.org , and is very pro-active. If you haven't checked it out then do so, it's not like the other orgs we've mentioned, and it is headed (of course) by Richard Dawkins, someone with rather a lot of scientific clout.

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