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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Kid Vexen

Wasn't I a cool kid?

I can't remember the details of my Gibraltar holiday.. I only know the year because it's written on the front of the album of photos, and I can only remember I'm with my grandparent(s)? because it says so on the back of one of the photos!

I do remember one or two completely random things. I remember finding a waitress sexually attractive (she was wearing all black too), and I remember that I returned from the holiday with a computer game tape I bought in Spain ('Aliens' for the Amstrad CPC 464). Although I suspect the latter memory is a result of re-reminding myself at a later date, ie, an indirect constructed memory.

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Oh my god! You look like Wesley Crusher in the bottom one! Argh!

You went with one grandparent and you did indeed bring two amstrad games back (though I cannot remember thier names.)

How sweet! I don't suppose you were ever in a church choir, were you?

I think cute boys have a right to be very scared of church environments!

Celebacy and children don't mix...

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