Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Working on...

I am presently working on:

* The Food Chain: Evidence that Aliens Won't Try to Eat Us

* Exotic Life Forms (on other planets and in other universes)

* Superstitions: Their Causes

* Vegetarianism (still - see below)

Last time I posted something like this (2006 Aug 16), I also said I might do fan pages for Starbucks (which I love) and Smart Cars (my obsession); but I'm no longer thinking about doing them.

I am honesty still working on the page on Vegetarianism, but I've shot myself in the foot and tried to cover *every* aspect; religious, historical, evolutionary, dietary & medical, philosophical, etc... and the size of the text has expanded far too much.

There is another page on zombies to come (but not yet) a few more pages on military stuff concentrating on Army lifestyle & culture.

I've been doing some general editing of existing pages, but, haven't had much time this month for doing academic stuff. Been doing lots of real-life things.
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