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3 years...

I have been in my current job for three years. It's a rollercoaster ride, it is impractical for my studies, it separates me from my friends for long periods of time in barren foreign countries, I live abroad for years at a time, and I have to deal with the forcefulness of 'the system'... but I still like it!

I have to keep fit, I have to keep 'tied to reality', I remain practical, and have to socialize with many people, all day... sometimes working (for example) in a small hut with the same 10 people for 6 months... in a desert. All in all, it challenges me in many of my weakspots, and prevents me from over-using my strong points (computers!). So, as far as 'the challenge' goes, and for self-development purposes, it is still a very good job for me!

Anyway... been here three years; and at present I plan on staying here for another 10... or maybe another 20. There is little reason to change; no other job can offer the diversity and scope of this one!

Oh, and as a result of working late four days this week, most of us have today off. We deserve it!
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