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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Wireless network configuration.

Am having a nightmare, anyone help?

1. My computer, Golgotha, connects to the internet via a Broadband USB modem. This connection works, Golgotha is online fine.

2. Wanting to set up a wireless network for our Laptop, I have plugged in a Netgear wireless router via Cat5. The Laptop can connect to the network ok, but, I cannot get Internet Sharing to work.

What IP settings does the laptop need? Connecting to the router via DHCP doesn't seem to work; but if I set it up manually what DNS & Gateway does it need?
(1) LAN address of my PC
(2) LAN address of the Netgear wireless router?

It doesn't help that the router is in German, although thankfully geeky acronyms seem to be the same in every language!

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The easiest way and better would be to use a USB/Ethernet modem so you can connect the wireless router directly to the Ethernet port on the modem, if you want one just let me know, I've got a spare one here and you can buy me a couple pint next time you are here. With ICS you are always dependant on the computer being up and running, so if you want to restart it you need to check if the laptop is being used,etc..etc...

For ICS just follow these:

p.s. you will need to change your router's IP to 192.168.0.x, your PCs NIC will be, use that for Gateway and Primary DNS and the USB's IP as secondary DNS and an IP on that range. Make sure you turn off DHCP on the router.

Our first broadband modem was frazzled by lightening, and the second one needs resetting (but the reset switch isn't there, despite the insistence of tech support that it is - I will take it apart soon). The third one we have is a USB modem, so we're resigned to relying on the PC being on for the connection.

The laptop is set up as you say, but, it can't ping the gateway or DNS servers that the PC is using.

The router; it is set to Automatisch vom ISP abrufen, and I've tried setting it manually to Primary DNS of (hopefully therefore using the PC as its gateway)... but no luck, do you think the router should be set up for automatic DNS or should I set it to the machine?

You should try to set the router's DNS to the machine. What is the model and make of it ?
Did Windows give you automatically for your NIC ?
Ok, I know those are very basic but just to make sure...
Can the laptop ping the wireless router ?
Can the PC ping the wireless router ?

The bad thing about those wireless routers is that they are just don't provide for manual gateway definition and are a pain to use for ICS. I had much more luck using a PCI wireless card on the PC and then bridging it with the USB connection...

Let's see if I can remember this correctly.

First, what OS you using? Windoze or Mac?

Assuming Windoze (XP or 2000) for this.

On the gateway ssytem, make sure that you have Internet Connection Sharing enbled on the HARDWIRED network port NOT the wireless one. It sort of makes sense as that is the port that connects directly to the internet that you want to share.

When you set up ICS make sure that you have "Allow other computers to use this connection" enabled in the "Advanced setup" section.

Then on the other system go through the "Make new connection" stuff. It should be able to see your wireless connection, so set that as your route out and set it to use DHCP to automatically pick up its IP details, gateway, routing stuff.

If you want to connect DIRCTLY to the router you'll probably have to setup a serial (or web) session with it and configure it with the MAC (hardware) address of the laptop so that it knows that it is supposed to handle RARP/ARP/DHCP calls for that system. However, a LOT os ISPs generally only allow you to have ONE system connected DIRECTLY through a cable modem at any one time so that means that you couldn't use BOTH systems on the net at the same time.

If you really need to find out stuff like gateway IP (probably something like 192.168.1.XXX) and DNS then ope a COMMAND window and then type


in that. It'll give you most of what you're after.

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