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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Belief in God in the UK

New statistics on belief in God in the UK (and 4 other European countries), which I've added to my page on "Religion in Brtain: Belief in God", resulting in the following table:

DateDetailsBelief in God
200612507 people were polled, finding that only 35% in Great Britain believe in any kind of God or supreme being, compared to 27% in France, 62% in Italy, 48% in Spain, 41% in Germany and 73% in the USA.1835%
2006Poll of 4000 older teenagers in Cornwall found that only 22% could affirm that they believed in God, and 49% said they didn't.1222%
20031001 British adults surveyed960% inc. those unsure
200355% of the British public do not believe in a higher being145% inc. those unsure

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Point one I guess dose just show how often people speak without thinking about things.

On point two I still disagree with you. Your peice looks on the issue of gods need for souls based on the Christian modle of God, both perffect and infinite. It would only take for him not to be perfect (Something I tend to think would not be unlikely to be the case if god exsists) for your argument to hit a major floor and given that in this pole question people are allowed to pick what part of the concepts surrounding god and faith they do or don't belive in as opposed to having to take or leave the whole christian faith and indeed from the pole results seem to belive only partly in the recived view of the main bulk of the christian church we can go down the line of sinarios where god may Either need souls, Want souls or see fit to provide a place for souls to go to (The second two options being ones you did not exsplore).

My point about the exsistence of heven makeing the exsistance of ghosts more likely works as follows. Given god is everywhere it seems unlikely he would need somewhere to live (Although not impossible), there for if there is a heven it would presumably need a reason to be there (Or for people to keep mentioning the place like it matters), many people belive that heven is where souls go after the death of the body and prehaps that is what it's for, if that were the case then it would mean there were souls doing something after the death of the body. One commonly belived exsplination for ghosts is that they are the souls of the physicaly dead. If the exsistence of heven implys the likely hood a persons sould continuing after death then the exsistence of heven implys the increased likelyhood of there being there being ghosts.

Of course that's if there is a heven.

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