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Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

I got a new keyboard, so I got a Microsoft Natural Pro. Just thought I'd rant for a minute about how good it is!

It is very very solid, chunky, in all the right ways. The ergonomics are perfect. It has a series of 19 programmable keys along the top, they were all preset to different things. I know a few off by heart. The rightmost ones (above numeric keypad) is "Calc". The 2 above F4 and F5 are "Mail" and "Internet" that load Outlook and Explorer. So... single clicks to load programs. Very useful!

Also it has both USB and std keyboard sockets. If you use USB it'll install itself and everything. Also... it has 2 further USB ports on the back of the keyboard. So if you have a USB mouse (I have a MS optical mouse that uses USB - no ball to clean, and no need for a mousemat!) you can plug it into the keyboard and you need 1 less cable going round to the back of your PC.

OK... rant over. Vexen Crabtree has become a Microsoft Evangelist!
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