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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Some Petitions to consider signing! I know they're hardly effective but it makes me feel good sometimes to know that someone, somewhere, once counted some of our opinions! You know... a small insignificant petition can sometimes make the news, sometimes get quoted by sociologists (ahem) and be preserved as part of academia, and sometimes, those things just might help get something done about something. Clicking on the short intro sentence shows you more details (look out for another 'more details' link on the page, too, for even more than the intro paragraph. Grammar & punctuation are not my own:

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(Deleted comment)
Indeed it is, but whether it will make any difference is another thing!

I think it will, but maybe not in a direct way. You see, as many 15/16 year olds can get served and buy alcohol, it might work to stop *them*, even if the effect doesn't in practice work up to 18yos. So it might push up the average age that is refused.

What bothers you about "underage" smokers?

1. The cost to the NHS. Smokers who start early cost more, later.

2. The wellbeing of the nation effects everyone especially in the long-run; the economy is slowed by ill-health. As young smokers get older, sick leave increases. We need more working healthy pensioners otherwise the demographic shift towards oldage will cripple all our industries in 100 years.

2. The earlier someone starts smoking the more money, over the years, they spend on it. Giving money to smoking corporations (who have stifled scientific research into the effects of dozens of harmful chemicals on the human body) is bad for humanity.

3. I don't believe underage smokers (or anyone under 21, really) should be granted the right level of education to choose dangerous, addictive (socially or physical) lifestyles such as drinking-in-pubs, or smoking.

4. It's illegal.

5. Unlike many sports, where injuries can occur, there is no advantage to smoking. No fitness, but illness and reduced lung capacity, no mental health (as with physical sports), but rather mental degeneration (as smoking reduces blood flow to the brain and slows neurone growth). Etc.

I have a small piece of text on my Trash Culture page, on Smoking rates and the cost to the NHS, a quote reads:

"The Health Education Authority refers to the current situation as 'the smoking epidemic' and estimates that smoking is responsible for approximately 110 000 deaths a year. This amounts to roughly 17 per cent of all deaths. Some 285 000 people are admitted to hospital because of smoking and on average occupy 9500 hospital beds. The total cost of smoking to the National Health Service is £437 million."
From "Britain's Population" by Steven Jackson (1998), p93

The rest of that section on my page is worth a quick read too! For example:

If a mother smokes 20 or more cigarettes a day during late pregnancy, their child will have reduced IQ by an average of 6.2 points. That's child abuse!


i think its good

Yes, they need to reduce the sound of commercials. They are awful and intrusive, especially when you're trying to relax and jumping up for the remote every few minutes. I don't watch much tv at all, but I like to watch David Attenborough shows, currently repeating on UK TV History, which has adverts. One minute it's pretty whales and relaxing music, then loud noises and insurance salesmen. *shudder*

Oh and reducing packaging and general environmental stuff is good too ;p

Talking of German stuff, do you know if there is the equivalent of Directory enquiries online in Germany?

I'm after the address of the access bar in Berlin, but I can't find it's address (went there once a couple of years ago and it is good).

Indeed! However, is it not rather depressing that this one is the fourth most signed petition there?

Yeah, I didn't sort them by popularity so I didn't notice that, but I did notice it had a lot of signatures. I bet the Christian Right are pumping the link about; thankfully they're losing this battle. People are beginning to lose their nerve when religious types (Christians & Muslims) try to tell us what to do, sexually, when they've shown themselves as rather a bad bunch of apples!

I believe the law is passed, as in it is now illegal to discriminate against gay people, BBC article I was meaning to put it in my jourtnal, and now will, as to one of the few things the Labour government has done right.

gaspodog also pays income tax, despite the fact that he works for, and is paid by, the government. I suspect the reason is that it makes the numbers/bureaucracy easier somehow.

"Stop tv companies turning up the volume during commercial breaks"

But that makes it possible to automaticly edit out the commercials on digitally captured video files ;-)

I think the only argument about keeping current sunday trading laws is for small businesses; It's difficult for the small shops to compete with large stores on an equal basis if they have to open '24/7', espically if they are family run.
Of course they could shut for certain periods, but companies like Tesco's run quite an aggressive policy often targeting margainal areas using their size to undercut small suppliers. Various rumblings from small business/government watch-dogs about large retailers subsidising shops of theirs running at a loss in order to drive out competition (afraid i've no references for that last statement but it's not something that is widely publicised as previously mentioned large companies can influence government quite well).

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