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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

UK Immigration

New page: UK: Immigration, Economics and Pensions. The conclusion reads:

"The UK is ageing, and we need more working-age people to fill the emptying hole in our demographic make-up. Otherwise, multiple industries and all pensions are at severe risk. Already, some industries and local economies depend on immigrants, especially as cheap labour to do work that not many others want to do but also we have serious shortages in some skilled trades, for example, nearly half the new doctors and nurses employed in the National Health Service have qualified abroad. We already have shortages of medical staff. Imagine the world without half the staff of the NHS, cheap labourers working in industries that our ageing population avoids, no pensions for increasing numbers of the elderly, and you imagine a UK without immigration. Despite this, some extremist, simpleton and short-sighted parties (such as the BNP and NF) campaign for a complete stop to immigration, and even promise to send home nationalized foreigners. With a population that is ageing, they will soon find that they have rather a lot of pensioners and not many workers."

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Of all the operations and hosiptal treatments I've had every one of the doctors has been foreign, with only a handful of non foreign nurses. I was even delivered by a Jamaican!

The downside is of course that the countries from which these people are coming are suffering even bigger shortages than the UK in terms of medical staff, especially nurses and care workers, and there are towns where many young people leave from that are practically empty - with thier economy being comprimised.

All swings and roundabouts.

Say I, the filthy immigrant ;p

The brain-drain of the West is a serious problem for the developing world, swings-and-roundabouts as you say. I can't think of any obvious solution to it.

Beating the work shy chavs with fish until they get up off thier lazy arses, stop watching daytime telly and learn how to do a job...and only fork out for their 14 children and drug habit unless they do?

People go on about "sponging immigrants", but at least they actually do some work and pay taxes!

The system allows people to be lazy and not work, it's a great system in theory - I was able to not work for 2 years and recover from my problems, and have more than paid back the benefits I recieved in taxes - but it gets taken advantage of so much.

I feel adopting a more European attitude toward the benefits system would do a lot to help, as well as offering more vocational training to people who leave school at 16, and then don't do anything.

Having said that, the capitalist West have a vested interest in developing countries not having a stable economy...

I'm too left wing for my own good!

As a filthy worthless immigrant I feel really guilty for taking the job from some very nice british person who certainly would never care to get a degree, MsC and then a PhD to work properly here. Even guiltier for paying 550 pounds in taxes every month.... I really don't contribute to this society, well, we immigrants are all leeches, I am taking too much from this country, I'm feeling really bad now, should go back to brasil.... (bad and stupid irony over)

nevermind the shortage of doctors and nurses on the "3rd world", it makes no difference if they come here to work, if they were there they would not have jobs anyway, the shortage is not due to lack of skilled people...

(Deleted comment)

Re: you always talk poorly about yourself

Thanks for your support, but I think he was being sarcastic because he is very far from worthless, and he knows it (hence the qualifications & education!).

the only thing i care about as a young british person is the shortage of housing.

(Deleted comment)

Re: I liked the article

well being native to the uk, i in general think immigration at its current level is bad thing. This country is small and overcrowded. Its becomeing ugly. And regardless of the short to mid team econoic effects, I'd advocat substatialy reducing population. the country will just ahev to 'cope' with fewer peopel its not the end of the world. At there current rate immigants are undermining our society's uniformity, making it less stable,and in the long tearm (i beleive) less economically viable, especially when theres economic melt down. at the end of the day i guess these things are oveten a quetion of personal preferance, which comes first, soceity or the economy.

Re: I liked the article

^ yes im well aware of all the typos, i have very poorly behaved hands)

Germans in England

Very good Vexen, you live in the land of superpersons = the place where the ever so superior Anglo-Saxon Southern English master bastards came from with their Southern English fucking jack boots and putting their filthy German jack boot heels upon we Norhern English Celto-Nordic people composed of Roamano-British plus Danes and Norwegians. Have you ever noticed that the German BBC always says "that Winchester was once the capital of England". Well it bloody well was not our capital. Our capital was Jarvik, now Saxonised into York. We were once an independent nation like Wales and Scotland. And oh yes, as a Norherner I don't mind in the least sitting on my bum all day in the pub and at home watching T.V. and living on the DSS money that you Southern English bastards pay in your fucking German pay packets and monthly saleries. Up your A-holes you Southern English German bastards, that's what I say, up your A-holes with your fucking stiff upper lips, your fucking sympathy for bloody underdags and always fucking well seeing things from the other person's bloody point of view. Sod the lot of you, all you Southern English bastards, up your holes! You should all be shot with your own shite.

Writing here as you deleted your comment, as well as not revealing who you are in insulting me, which is something I generally consider wussy.

As many people who leave anonymous comments throwing thier opinion about do, you haven't paid the slightest bit of attention to what I've said, or have the faintest idea of who I am.

My guess seems to be that you're a Northener with the same bigotted views that many of my relatives have. My mother is Northern and is generally treated like dirt by them for daring to move South in order to go to university and get a decent job, and they pass that on to me for daring to be a woman who puts a career above getting married and having a family. In fact they scorned my mother over owning a filter coffee machine.

I have nothing against the North, but I can't help but think they take things a bit too personally and have too much against the South, which is pure hipocracy as you appear to think it entirely justified to have some kind of petty hatred of anyone who lives in the South and have a polorised view that everyone in the South sits and plots about the North all the time, which I've never seen happen!

>One of the biggest lies is the one that goes "few French people
>settled in England". What a wapping great lie. Another of the biggest >lies is that "the English" are all genetically pure members of the German
>Anglo-Saxon master race. This racist filth began with Baron Arthur de
>Gobineau in the middle of the 18th. century when he published The
>Inequality of the Races. Gobineauism became Germanism mid 18th.
>century, and at the beginning of the 20th. century along came Anglo->Saxonism.

I've never had that argument put to me! My uncle is one of the Country's leading experts on the Norman invasion in 1066, and I've had a life long interest in immigration and people moving around the world...so maybe I'm biased by knowledge, but no one I've ever spoken to about race has ever said they think everyone is anglo-saxon.

I'm Celtic, you can tell by the waist length thick, curly, ginger hair and a surname that is the most common in Ireland, as my dad is Irish.

>Where immigration is concerned the Tory Part went mad in the 1960's by >importing 2,000.000 black men from the Caribbean Islands and North
>India, and hoped that all of these men would divorce their wives and break
>off with their fiancees and sweethearts and shack up with white British
>women, "There will be no more colored people in three generations"
>Anyone remember that? A-holes to the Tory Party, these non-white men >brought their non-white women and we now have a vibrant multi-racial and
>multi-cultural society,

Yes, I know, many of them went to my mum's church and looked after me in the day when I was little, and one of my closest friends is the son of one of those immigrants.

>and oh yes, recently nearly 1,000,000 French people have settled in the >U.K. because of unemployment in France.

Good friends with one of them too ;p

>"We are Anglo-Saxons don't you know" "Only a few French people settled in
>England don't you know" "In three generations there will be no more >colored people in England don't you know". All complete rubbish. We have >had 5,000,000 abortions so we need 5,000.000 immigrants to make up
>for our lost 5,000,000 citizens, so lets have more and more and more >immigrants.

I can hear you doing that in a "Southern Pansy" voice ;p

I think you've entirely missed the point of the original post and simply seen it how you want to see it.

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but you seem to be more intelligent than some of them, but attmepting to reason may well come to nothing really.

Quote from post: Despite this, some extremist, simpleton and short-sighted parties (such as the BNP and NF) campaign for a complete stop to immigration.

Yes you've completely missed the point of the post. Try reading it again before you start spouting off.

too many!

Enough is quite simply........ENOUGH!

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