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Another voice against faith schools.

Sir Cyril Taylor, who heads the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust and is a government adviser, says that schools that are overwhelmingly Muslim should be replaced with schools serving a mixed community and highlighted problems with policing and protecting children in such segregated areas. (Added to "Faith Schools and Social Segregation: Disadvantages of Divisive Religious Behavior" by Vexen Crabtree (2003).)

I don't know if he admits that the same logic applies to all faith schools - hundreds of sociological experiments have proven that raising children in identity-segregated schools (black, female, foreign, ethnic, religious, etc) increases social tension and inter-group crime, undermines social coherence and causes intolerance, aggression and conflict between groups.

Given the present wars between the West and various Muslim states (such as Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan), and the terrorist attacks in our own countries, it is absurd to continue to raise children up as "religious" before they have a chance to think for themselves, and doubly mad to do so where extremists (such as Catholic anti-abortion extremists, or Muslim anti-Western ones) are actively searching for alread-indoctrinated recruits to further bend to more extreme causes.

Faith schools are suicide, divisive and dangerous anachronisms.
Tags: child care, child protection, faith schools, indoctrination, religion, schooling, segregation
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